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1Key CaveShip

1Key CaveShip

Pilot a space ship through twelve caves in this game made for the OneSwitch competition.

  • Genre: Action

Single Switch Golf

Hit a white ball into a little cup in this golfing game made for the OneSwitch competiton.

  • Genre: Sport

Far Start

A space shooter where the object is to shoot to kill and dodge the enemy to survive.

  • Genre: Arcade

Box World

In this remake, you are given the task of pushing boxes around a room onto their place.

  • Genre: Arcade

MyJongg II

A Mah Jongg game with tens of thousands of different games to play with seemingly boundless replay value.

  • Genre: Board

Grid Chase

An interesting game, played on a grid, where the object is to uncover a hidden picture.

  • Genre: Arcade

SmileTris 2

A fun tetris-style game. Use your puzzle solving skills to line up the pills and get rid of the smiley faces.

  • Genre: Arcade

Minimal Yahtzee

The classic board game of Yahtzee, updated for computers and compressed into a fully functioning mini-game.

  • Genre: Board


This puzzle game mixes arcade elements, polished graphics and varied modes of play.

  • Genre: Puzzle

RunMan's Christmas Adventure

RunMan brings a touch of animal cruelty to the holiday season – in the nicest way.

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Tags: Christmas