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Imagine Breakout, but instead of just moving the paddle, you actually play as it.

  • Genre: Arcade

Marble Seals

A Sokoban style game where the object is to push seals toward goals.

  • Genre: Puzzle

Bound Plus

Guide a bouncy thing to the levels exits in this simple but challenging platformer.

  • Genre: Arcade


Qbert is the famous game of the 1980s in which you control Qbert, a fuzzy guy with a big snout. Your goal is to change the tops of all the cubes creating the pyramid below you into a specific color. Go through different levels, face Qbert's nemesis and more.

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Tags: Arcade, Free, Qbert

Mario Forever: Block Party

Mario Forever: Block Party is a vibrant platformer that offers increasingly difficult levels of puzzle game play. Join Mario in the fight against Bowser and Kamek as they try to destroy the world in order to build a new evil empire.

  • Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
  • Tags: Adventure Games, Free, Mario, Mario Forever, Mario Forever: Block Party, Puzzle Games