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Add Games to Acid-Play

Although we have well over a thousand games listed on Acid-Play, there are literally thousands more that we haven’t discovered yet. We need your help finding, reviewing and cataloging these games.

Game Developers

Are you a freeware game developer? Well, you have 2 options. The first is to just tell us about your game by emailing [email protected].

If you’re producing a lot of games, then you might want to apply to become a registered developer on Acid-Play. This will give you the power to directly add games to Acid-Play. You’ll be able to set everything you see on a game’s review page, including screenshots and file downloads (hosted on our servers).

To register as a developer, just email [email protected] with your Acid-Play username (you can sign up here) along with some details about the freeware games you develop.

Game Reviewers

If you love scouring the web for freeware games, then maybe you want to become an Acid-Play reviewer. You’ll be able to add new games to Acid-Play. When you write a review, we’ll put a cool Acid-Play badge next to your name. This lets other users know that you’re an official Acid-Play review, so your opinion should be taken very seriously.

To become a reviewer on Acid-Play you must have written at least 3 user reviews. Make sure you’re signed in when you submit these reviews. The reviews can be for any games on Acid-Play. After you’ve written them, email [email protected] with your username.