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µ-cade Download

  • Developer: ABA Games
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Mix the idea of Sumo Wrestling with futuristic worms in space who have guns and you get the general idea of µ-cade.

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  • Gohst

    In this game, you begin as a small ship in a field and it’s up to you to push others out of the field area. If you fall out of the arena, or get pushed, then it’s the end of the game. Surprisingly, this simple concept is pulled off extremely effectively.

    As you push others off the field, you gain a tail which trails behind your ship. This is a mixed blessing. The plus side is that you gain more bonus points for the length of your tail; the down side is it’s easier for you to be shot or pushed off the playing area, or for your tail to whip over the boundaries and drag you out. Fortunately you can jettison your tail at any time which will revert your bonuses to the minimum amount, but at the same time give you super bullets for a brief period of time.

    The graphics are the usual futuristic-neon-glow-shape style we’ve come to expect from ABA Games and once again, they work extremely well here, striking a balance between futuristic and simplicity which has become a staple of their games.

    The music is always pumping and energetic and brings more energy to the game, adding equal amounts of excitement to the game as the game play itself contains, as do the sound effects which in the midst of the action go largely unnoticed.

    ABA Games have once again brought us another fine game with action a-plenty and fun, fast, yet engaging game play. Guaranteed to become as much loved as their others, µ-cade is a recommended download.

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