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Jetpak – Solar Crisis Download

  • Developer: Richard Jordan
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Jetpak – Solar Crisis

Fly out to different planets and repair space probes, allowing them to return to safety.

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  • Zero

    Jetpak is a simple and very fun space platformer.

    Each level requires that you rebuild a space probe. You build this probe by collecting broken parts in the correct order, then putting them together. Once you have rebuilt the probe you need to collect the fuel tanks that fall to the ground. Once you have collected enough tanks the probe will take off.

    In order to get out you will also need to also collect repair kits and place them in your ship. Once the ship is repaired, you can leave and the level is completed.

    Each level will have some form of danger. Either space monsters, toxic waste bubbles or even meteor showers.

    Jetpak is very well made. The graphics and sound are very good and I didn't notice any problems or glitches while playing.

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