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3D Shooter Download

  • Developer:
  • Genre: Sport
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
3D Shooter

Motion targets roll up their tracks toward you – frantically reload your gun before they get too close.

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  • Gohst

    All too often a game will let us know all about the dangers of using guns. Well, maybe not the dangers, but they’ll give us a glimpse of what we can blow away violently. Very rarely will the game spend any time teaching us how to use the firearm correctly – welcome to 3D shooter.

    Pitting you in a shooting gallery where dangerous targets scroll towards you, ever increasing in size, you are given the task of shooting them in the middle. No blood. No gore. No violence of any kind. Just pure… practice.

    Strangely, the game doesn’t seem to reward accuracy, though. Which is especially odd as it is what the game is about. It seems that you are given two-hundred-fifty points whether you hit it dead centre or off in the whitespace somewhere. I might be wrong, however. What I do know for sure is that reloading is a very cumbersome task. If given the opportunity to have reload allocated to a button (say, space) then it would have been fine. However finding the ammunition box amidst the targets flying around often results in missing the targets rather than shooting more of them.

    In a game where the main point of the game is next to removed and other, overly complicated tasks are put in, the game wallows and essentially beeches itself on the shores of near-unplayability. It’s still a game – just not a very addicting nor rewarding one.

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