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Ata - Extracts From The American Civil War Download

  • Developer: badgers
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Real Time Strategy, War
Ata - Extracts From The American Civil War

Experience realtime battles in this american Civil War strategy

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  • Wierdbeard

    Ata is a simulation of the American Civil War. Reminiscent of a classic game called North ‘n South it captures the atmosphere of the period well.

    The ultimate aim of the game is to of course win the American Civil War. You must command your armies and distribute your troops strategically along your battlefronts. You must start to conquer states and in so doing you will get more resources.

    The game really comes to life when you go into a battle. This is where battles are won and lost and where your strategic skills are put to the test.

    Ata is a good strategy game and kept me playing for a good few hours.

  • Evil Wraith

    It's a nice game - if you're not playing alone. The action part could be improved, because the controls are rather... unusual, but it's a load of fun for a little head-to-head match during lunch break.

  • Tom

    Maybe because I use WinXP professional service pack 2 could be the reason, but being DOS based, it wouldn't even open. It just told me everything was all right and gave me back to the folder.

  • Yo mään

    An extremely great game involving tactics and action. Beautiful artwork, skillful programming, enjoyable playability, everything a good game needs.

  • Max

    A boring game that has nothing to do after you play through it once.

  • Idiotboxer

    It's the only good Civil War RTS.

  • Sniper

    It's a good game.

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