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BallDroppings Download

  • Developer: JT Nimoy
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A very interesting game where you draw lines to bounce balls which then make music.

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  • Gohst

    BallDroppings is a very strange game, I’m not sure exactly how to categorize it, but the premise is to draw lines under balls which drop and bounce. When they hit the lines, they make a musical note, with precision and timing; you can make a musical piece.

    The game is presented in a simplified manner which only consists of white balls and white lines on a black background. While it’s nothing spectacular to look at, it’s simplistic nature is the very thing which hooks you and draws you back for more.

    Playing this game is a strange experience, because there is no story, or any mood to speak of, it’s only what you create. By drawing the lines you affect the game, every ball will follow the path it takes and by drawing one, you can severely alter everything, or have nothing important happen.

    The game has no start, middle, or end like most games which will frustrate some players, but this is something of a difference, it’s a break from normal games and it’s refreshing from time to time to play a game with no protagonist or antagonist – just you and creativity.

    There is only one thing missing; that is the ability to save your compositions. But that’s not important, the important thing is the ability to create and to be involved in something new and fresh every time you open the game.

  • F-Stratios

    It is true that you can make music in a very special way, but it's nearly impossible to make it the way you want it to be. What I mean is that you can't say "I'm gonna write that song I love with that game" because there is one serious mistake in the "game": the sound a string makes when hit by a ball is relative to the ball's speed, not the string's length. That makes it very difficult to successfully produce the accurate pitch with correct timing. That made me really mad when I tried to compose a very simple song.

    I believe it would be an exciting tool if it simulated stings correctly and I hope it is gonna be done someday. Until then, the word "bad" suits it perfectly.

    It's a very small download though so I recommend you try it, just to get a feel of it. (note: I encoutered problems running it on high screen resolutions. Low ones worked fine)

  • Matias

    About the game, I found it as many else maybe; still creative, something is missing. I don't know what, exactly. But its something new, original. I would love to see improvements on the same concept, since I am an aficionado of music.

  • Suzanne

    It's a super game!

    I could sit there for hours.

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