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Blobby Volley (Volley Ball) Download

  • Genre: Sport
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Blobby Volley (Volley Ball)

An addictive cute little volley ball game

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  • Zero

    Blobby volley is a really fun and addictive volley ball game. Basically you are a little blob that plays volley ball on the beach. You sort of look like a squishy jelly bean.

    Each player (Blob) can be controlled either by the player or the computer. So you can play against an AI opponent or a friend. There is also a multiplayer option.

    There is basically just one rule you need to know to play. You only score a point if you were the one that served the ball. So if the opponent serves and you manage to make him miss the ball, you don’t score. You just get to serve the next round.

    The gameplay takes some getting used to. You must time your shots right as to not miss the ball. Rebounds off the wall can be quite tricky to get.

    The game is in German, but there is an option to change to English.

  • Erwin

    I'm not much of a games player myself, and as I use a MAC, I would never even think of looking at the game. But my daughter played it on a PC from friends and loved it. She wants to have it on her laptop now, so I've just downloaded it. I played it with her once and thought the game was cute. The bouncing effects are well done, sometimes pretty tricky, and the graphics are really nice.

    Not too difficult, colourful, cute and kind of addictive. That's all kids want, isn't it?

  • Speedy

    This game is really fun! It's simple, smooth and it doesn't take much thought, only reflexes.

    Basically, you pass back and forth a little ball between your blob and the other one. When it hits their ground, or they hit it three times before passing it to you, then you get a point. Very simple, addictive and fun.

  • RaFiQ

    Well it's one of the few games I have played and after playing it a few times I recognised its strength.... Simple but none the less fantastic, and always has something new to learn. With one blob (player) on each side, it resembles the real life volleyball in many ways... try it out yourself!

  • Ceyhun

    I didn't expect a good time with this at first, but when you start you can't leave it. I bet it's more complex than most actual games - You can do too many things.

    It's a good game for volleyball lovers.

  • Matt

    The graphics and the gameplay are pretty good but the game is fairly boring. The main menu looks weird. This isn't a very good volley ball game. You can get better volley ball games.

  • PaLmYbOy00

    The game is so much fun. Not only is the game fun but also slightly challenging because timing your hits are hard. Trust me, if you play this game you will not be dissapointed!

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