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Bomberman Download

  • Developer: steven don
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Bomberman, Retro

Another bomberman remake

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  • WHiTeGhOsT

    The computer generated opponents aren't quite working as I expected. As a matter of fact they don't work at all. They just stand there waiting for you to blow them up. I've had more of a challenge just tying my shoes then playing this game. I won't bad rap this game any more but I would really appreciate it if this problem could be fixed. So then I could actually play the game instead of just using it only to listen to the music. Thanx.

  • Shinethief

    I have tried much better..

    The screen is too small - not necessarily good for multi-player. Multi-player is ok. Only multi mode though - maybe a bigger screen, more modes and small download would have been nice. That is what a real Bomberman fan would wish for. This is still great for Bomberman fans and I reccommend it.

  • Zero

    If you enjoyed bomberman on your old Nintendo you might just like this. Bomberman is exactly the same as the original. You have no reason not to download this, look at the size of this game.

  • Komdour

    Good for a bomberman fan. Not the best. I found better after countless hours of searching. This version dosen't have as many powerups, that's its only down fall.

  • Phil

    This game is fantastic. Maybe it's simple, but it is very very funny! Multiplayer is so cool!

    To the game maker: Please continue to program!

    -LG phil

  • Anonymous

    This is everything I ever wanted in a small desktop Bomberman clone EXCEPT there is no single player...

  • Ferdin arghose

    Well my cuz' told me to get this game. Now I'm telling you to get the game, it's very fun.

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