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  • Developer: Soperutano Soft
  • Genre: Sport
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Two boxers get into the ring. Only one will come out. Will it be you, or your enemy?

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  • Gohst

    This is a very fun boxing game, which harks back all the way to the old days of gaming. This is not just another remake, it's a classic remake of a very hard to find game.

    The graphics are not special. That doesn’t matter. It’s a remake, so what you’re getting is classic graphics. They are slightly less than what you’d expect from today’s games, however looking at it for what it is, the graphics are perfect.

    The game play is so wildly addictive, it’s hard to describe. You are just a boxer looking to hit the other boxer in the face, but it's not violent, it's not excessive, it's just pure wholesome beat-em-up fun.

    The sound effects are great too; they just sit there and do not get in the way of playing. They are just pretty much what they should be, like the graphics are.

    So, in all, it's just a great game where you can beat up someone. Oh, and you can beat up your friends in two player mode, on the same computer or on a LAN (apparently).

  • Matt

    Playing this game is good fun. It is not too violent and provides a bit of a challenge. Boxindanga is what a boxing game should really be. It doesn't need to be glamorous and elaborate to be fun. Just a simple beat 'em up style game with simple controls and two people that just want to fight is the ingredients to a great boxing game.

  • User

    Laugh-out-loud fun!

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