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Dogfight - Battle In The Skies Download

  • Developer: K-Softworks
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dogfight - Battle In The Skies

Dogfight is one of the coolest games to play; everything in this game is superb.

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  • Komdour

    I downloaded this game because it looked fun and I wanted some airplane action. Guess what? You guessed it. It is the best freeware dogfight on the world wide web. I've tired to prove that statement wrong, but I can't. Even better, the maker decided to start working on it again. Now they have an English version with more than a hundred and fifty aircraft, including many Star Wars fighters.

    The author did his research in making this game. Most of the plane have dates (except the Star Wars ships) and even background info in fluent English.

    You can now play up to ten on ten (only one human on each of the two teams). And he has improved the AI too. I don't review a game unless I think it is truly exceptional. Don't fret when you open the game it starts in German, but go to the first pull-down menu on the bottom right and set it to English.

  • Gohst

    Dogfight is an incredibly fun game, which is all in German. But don’t let that disparage you, the menus are intimidating but the game play is excellent.

    The graphics are cool, they’re in 2D and beautifully rendered. They’re crisp, smooth and very, very nice all round. The explosions are none short of brilliant. The game is worth playing just for a look at this.

    Just driving the plane is fun. Shooting the other planes and everything else is a bonus. The music and sounds are well placed and do their job well. The gunshots, the explosions, the noise of hitting your opponents with bullets, they’re all fantastic. The music is wonderfully paced and adds a superb atmosphere to the game.

    In short, you should download this game, sure it’s in German, but don’t be put off by that, it’s definately worth playing.

  • Pea_brain

    Dogfight - Battle in the Skies is a good game well suited to those with old graphics cards. It's nothing that stands out too much but it will probably give you a couple of days of fun. It's well made, looks good, and has bombs, though you'd have to read german to figure out how to launch them... that's right. The entire game is in German. I took German for a year and was able to read about 5 sentences. After you memorize where the buttons you need in the menu are, it is smooth sailing, although you can't help but feel you are missing out on something you can't read. Just an overall fun game, good for a few hours of distraction, and it's free so - BOMBS AWAY!

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    "Dogfight - Battle In The Skies" is nice.

    Not more, not less.

    The graphics are good, the animations are flawless, the gameplay ain't bad.

    It's just too repetitive, and the AI sucks.

    As someone who didn't have the chance to play it 1 vs 1, I could only make games against the AI, which sucks badly...

    I'm sorry to say that...

    A bit more AI instead of the graphics and this game definitely would've gotten an "Excellent", but like it is right now, it only gets an "Average".

    I admire the professionality of the game, but the gameplay needs some more work.

    All in all - a NICE game, not bad if you have some time to kill.


  • RS

    The fact that the game is in German is no great loss; the gameplay is excellent after you figure out the menus (being good with German helps). The gameplay is where this game really shines - though the difficulty may turn off some potential gamers. Dying every other second at first is annoying, but after you get the hang of the controls, this game really shines. The lack of replay value is annoying, however; you'll probably get bored within a week.

  • F-Stratios

    The gameplay is nice for a small game but everything is in German so you don't know what your goal is nor what options you have enabled (there are so many options), so you just fly the plane and try to shoot down enemies that are very hard to kill. Recommended only if you have basic knowledge of German.

  • Sardath

    This game is a must-have, tons of fun and great game play. Overall this site has very interesting games. Keep em coming ;)

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