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Dragonball Z MUGEN Edition Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows XP
  • Tags: Dragonball Z, Fighting, Violent
Dragonball Z MUGEN Edition

Need a quick Dragonball Z fix?

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  • Anonymous

    Very good game . But the characters are too easy to defeat in dragon ball z mugen edition. I can even defeat them without even getting a hit on my character. My favourite character is vegeta. Also always use vegeta if u are not able to defeat your opponent. Just fire a final flash on your opponent and he is dead if your opponent failed to defend himself from final flash . Even one final flash can kill your opponent if he fails to defend final flash. Whether he has power of 3600[MAXIMUM] . No character except vegeta has such a solid attack, not even goku. You can also use big bang attack of vegeta continously three times . It can also low your opponenet's power. ALSO TRY TO USE VEGETA'S continous energy blows by pressing C button on your keypad. It is very useful when you are in trouble and when u are not able to recharge yourself for a attack like final flash and big bang. It can even win matches. You can also use vegeta when fighting two opponenets. You can defeat your opponent using vegeta's final flash easily. VEGETA IS THE BEST. Goku is second. Also try to kill piccolo . It is very fun when you kill him he makes a voice as if he is killed brutally. He is very easy to defeat.Try to also kill gohan several times. He is also fun. Hope you will like my suggestion. THANKU.

  • SEGofthecosmos

    I am no short-skill when it comes to fighting games. I grew up on games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and the like... but this one troubles me.

    I can easily take down Goro, Kintaro, Shao Kahn, M. Bison, or any number of fighting game bosses down to the Tengu in DOA 2, but Brolly I found so undefeatable that the only way to describe it is FRUSTRATING.

    Fighting through so many rounds to reach him only to learn that you hardly damage him... if at all... with your most powerful strikes (IE Super Sayin Goku's 3 man Kamehameha or Spirit bomb attacks) then having my brain beaten in as if I were standing still, being unable to block ANYTHING he throws at me from regular strikes to his 35-40 hit combos... I think the word here is over kill.

    If the makers truly wish to improve this game, don't TOUCH the gameplay, it's solid and it's controls WORK. Tone down Brolly. Do that, and you'll have achieved DBZ perfection.

  • Pepco

    Graphics suck and music sucks. Sound sucks even more and most players don't even have special moves. Eg: Gohan only can throw fireballs, nothing else!

    Upon closing the game after wanting to get rid of it, the game froze up and I had to close it through task manager.

    There is a lot of other DOS games out there that I've tried and none of them have sounds as poor as this. The game is far too easy to win or lose because of certain characters special attacks while other characters have none at all.

    This game is ok for around ten minutes but after that, it's useless.

  • Wierdbeard

    As fighting games go this is a fairly well put together game. It is smooth enough, with good good graphics and sound, especially for the size of the download.

    Of course what makes this Dragonball Z MUGEN Edition really cool is that it's DragonBall Z! All of your favourite characters are here for you to pit agaist each other.

    I thought it was quite good, and the number of different characters you can play as gives depth. A questions for you DBZ fans... do you think DBZ Millenium is better, bearing in mind the size of the download. You'll have to try it and see.

  • Anonymous

    I have already defeated Broly several times already.... but i need to do it 2 on 1 i use ssj4 goku and ssj4 vegeta i am using the upper cut of ssj4 to damage broly becaise other attack won't work, sometimes i use ssj2 goku and vegeta i use the upper cut of ssj2 turning ssj3 goku to defeat broly. then sometimes i use normal goku i am always teleporting to recharge then use kamehameha to defeat broly. But the most effective character for broly is ssj trunks using the sword and his combination that is how you can defeat broli


    Okay, for a free DBZ game it's pretty good. You can pull off some really devastating attacks (or at least the CPU can. Its problem is there's not much variety, everything looks the same, and there's only basic attacks. Not to mention you'll notice your computer opponent is the only one that can do most energy moves, while you can't.

  • Target Dog

    Personally, I didnt think this game was that bad. Some characters are way stronger than others though, and most of the supers are the same, and there are lots of characters, but they're all variation of a same character. And wheres Tien and Yamcha and Androids etc? Despite that, its cool.

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