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Free Civilization Download

  • Developer:
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Remake, Retro
Free Civilization

FreeCiv is a remake of Civilization but it does have some really cool features that where not in the original.

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  • SEGofthecosmos

    I've never been a fan of timers. Not in racing games, not in platform games, nothing. I'm someone who likes to stop and smell the roses. As an objecter of timers to such a degree I have but one beef with FreeCiv. TIME. Yes, I figured you had guessed I'd say that. See, while I'm still desperately trying to construct an army (of mostly little spear carrying warriors) my enemies have carriages, steel battleships and frickin' rifles. Then, having defended at least ONE city well enough to continue my.. science.. guess what? BOOP! I'm out of time - game's over.. and the Greeks kicked my sorry rear end like nothing else. Great. Start over? Congratulations, you have more patience then me. FreeCiv would be FAR better if it were not for the time problem. I stopped playing it after I discovered that even without any foes, I still failed to build a shuttle to reach Alpha Centauri in time. In fact, I barely reached the bronze age. Have much patience when you play this one, Grasshopper, you'll be spending a lot of time clicking the 'turn finished' button. I shall say no more.


  • Acidic's picture

    This game is a clone of civilization. The aim is the same as in the original. You must build a civilization by building buildings and researching technology.

    FreeCiv does have some really cool features that were not in the original. Firstly you can now play multiplayer over Internet of LAN. The creators have also gone through the mammoth task of including 47 units and 61 nations.

    Please note: pressing download FreeCiv will take you to a download page. On that page is a huge list of files for download. Basically you want to look under binaries and not Source code. From the binary versions select MS windows download file (if you are using windows).

  • Tarquin

    This is a really great clone of Civilization. Slightly better graphics and layout than the original even. Absolutely worth the download

  • SGT.K-19

    This is a great game, same basic idea as Civ 1, 2 or 3 except there's no videos and stuff.

  • FooMastah

    The summary says it all.

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