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The General Download

  • Developer: new game software
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The General

All states(players 2-20) get an equal amount of resources and land in the begining of the game

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  • Spidweb00

    If you like excellent strategy based gameplay and don't care about graphics, this game is for you. It has a very simple objective - control the whole map. This is done by planting and selling wheat, converting peasants to scientists or soldiers, hiring generals to lead your soldiers, and conquering your neighbors. Research plays an extremely important part in this game. There are six different technologies that can be researched like increasing the amount of peasants you can have, improving your soldiers, and increasing the amount of money you obtain from selling wheat. Also each technology can be researched as many times as you want which further improves it, however each level of technology requires an increased amount of scientists to obtain the next level. The catch is that you must pay for the scientists and soldiers every turn. This makes for some interesting dilemmas. Do you hire a lot of soldiers and simply overwhelm your enemies? Or do you hire more scientists and out-research your opponents before conquering their land with your more advanced soldiers and huge amounts of money? Small maps with few opponents are pretty easy to win. But the larger maps with more opponents are extremely challenging to win consistently. This game is extremely fun and easy to learn but also extremely hard to master.

  • Zero

    All states(players 2-20) get an equal amount of resources and land in the begining of the game. You are the leader of your state and must conquer all other states.

    You will hve to hire generals and scientists, and recruit soldiers. You to solve economy and military political problems. You can choose to either put all funding into science or rather have a complete military operation.

  • Rob

    I have no idea what this game is supposed to achieve. There are no graphics - merely dialog boxes - and is absolutely no fun at all. It’s more like working on spreadsheet than a game. Get one of the many excellent "Civilization" or "Risk" clones that are out there.

  • Azhar

    The game make me feel like a real General. I can control my own soldiers. Good music and gameplay.

  • Jocke

    A very good and challenging strategy game.

  • SGT.K-19


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