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  • Genre: Sport
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A frantic action racer

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  • Rekall

    You will have to guide a futuristic bike around a rectangular racetrack at ridiculous speeds. Your bike, also known as a light cycle, leaves a trail behind it as you speed through the track. This trail acts as a barrier, and your ultimate goal is to force your opponents into this barrier and be the last one standing. Your ultimate survival depends on you winning the race.

    The graphics are beautifully rendered using OpenGL and the music and sound add to the over all frantic atmosphere of the game. If you can handle this fast paced action racer then hit the download button.

  • Kaac

    There are games that are really simple, but really fun, and this is one of them. It kept me excited for an hour or two (yeah, sounds real picky at first, but that hour was almost EVERY day).

    This game had one thing that made me boost its rating to 100%, its the multiplayer mode which is the coolest when you have some friends over!

    The day I tried it first, I had 3 friends over, and we just played it in splitscreen, there is no taking turns so everyone was happy (except Mikey, he lost :D)

  • Vashna

    Alright, so being a fan of the original Tron game, I'm rather biased. But this is an awesome update to the 'Light Cycles' portion of that game. The default settings look like the scene from the film that involves the cycle race, and the other options (especially with a wireframe floor) have a techno rave feel to them. Added to this, the soundtrack influences the electronic dance feel.

  • ZaPpEd

    Sweet graphics and simple gameplay. It's a very well made game.

    It also boasts 1-4 player splitscreen option. AI can be set to a nearly perfect difficulty and even the medium setting is very challenging. (I haven't even beat a single match yet!)

  • TheFreewareManiac

    It reminds me of the Disney movie inspired game, Armagetron. You may have heard of it. It's great for spawning off younger siblings when you're friends are over. So is this, but this is a game for all ages, not just 8 year olders.

  • Daniel Bowles

    This is a fast paced action racer in which you control a gold futuristic motorbike. Your task is to create a tail to enable your opponents to crash.

    There are 5 arenas, 4 bikes and 3 different sizes of arena.

  • Alo

    As simple as it is, this game is very entertaining, much more than the movie (Tron, 1982)! Check all the display options to find the one that suits better your needs.


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