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The Good Life Download

  • Developer: Christian Donovan
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Good Life

The Good Life is a fantasy simulation game where you have to lead your people to the good life.

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  • Marko

    "The Good Life" could've been great. It has a simple, but effective style of strategy, and a nice model for resource gathering without having to click at all, a refreshing change from the usual micromanagement required when playing this kind of game.

    However, in reality, it's far worse. You have to position your buildings and homes precisely so that they line up. If they don't line up exactly, the domino chain is broken, and you end up gaining no resources.

    The sounds annoy me as well. All the screaming every time the demons trample your city gets old in no time (approximately every 30 seconds). The giggling fairies who rip you off might get on your nerves too. No mute button is offered, so you're stuck with the cloying looped MIDI music, screaming, crashing buildings and moaning starving citizens, unless you turn off your speakers altogether.

    The castle is useless. When I finally lucked out (after a few errant demon wanderings working out in my favor) and was able to build a castle, the castle sucked up my resources made my city bankrupt, and soldiers were entirely useless against the demons-- they didn't kill any of them! More screaming, buildings exploding and citizens whining "we need food!" for the billionth time made the escape key the only option.

    It's a horrible life.

  • Silentnight

    Whoever designed this game made the tower cost so high that to get one, you had to build enough houses, farms and other things that the cost of maintaining the city was more than you could make even with 7 farms and 5 houses in range. I still didn't have enough food to keep the houses in good condition. I never had enough wood and gold to repair them. Nomatter how much stone wood and gold I had it was never enough to get the tower and paying the hermit was too much for the stores to handle, even with 4 stores surrounded by 3 buildings. I won't even start on the fairies. It would take too much space. Once again it was TERRIBLE.

  • Mr mike

    The Good Life is a fantasy strategy / simulation game where you have to lead your people to the good life and protect yourself against the fairies and demons in your way.

    You must build your up your village and keep up harvesting and mining so you can expand more. You can also build towers to protect yourself against your enemies

    A fun game to play. Decent graphics and average sound.

  • Lin

    It is a very simply designed game with good graphics and sound. The fun, challenging part is that there are no rules. You have to figure it out for yourself. One of the best "free" games I've ever encountered!

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