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  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

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  • EXpl0si0nZ

    This is a "Battleships"-Clone. There are 3 different factions with their own ship designs (and different music).

    I downloaded the game and started it, my first thought being (nice - finally a good clone). Unfortunately, I started getting pissed off during the first game already.

    Let me explain to you how a round of "Gridhunt" looks like.

    After placing your shots on the grid, you are put into space with your ships and the enemy ships facing each other, and every ship fires a round, then waits if it hits or not, then fires another round, etc. With up to 20 rounds, this can be very time-consuming. Also, the music playing during these parts becomes really annoying after a while.

    Another thing is also that you can hit your own ships because they aren't shown on the grid where you place your shots. Also, the CPU seems to know where your ships are.

    I liked the "Random"-Button that you could click when asked to place your shots. However, when you use that button, you almost never hit enemy ships.

    Also, when the author puts in three different races (humans, robots, insects), there should be some difference in them - and there aren't.

    You can play it with 2 Players on Hotseat or Network (couldn't try that out though). If you hit a hidden nuke that's near a ship, it's immediately destroyed. Adds something special to the game.

    The music gets annoying.
    The space battles get annoying.
    The CPU always knows where your ships are.
    You hit your own ships because they aren't shown on the grid.

    This could have been better. Much better.


  • Gohst

    If you've ever played Battleships before, then you'll know what this is all about. If you haven't played it before, then let me attempt to make it sound palletable... its a turn-based strategy game which takes place primarily on two grids. You get to play as aliens or galactic Earth warriors and if it helps, you can even dress up as them while you play.

    All nonsense aside, though, its actually quite simple. The enemy has ships like yours spread out on that field. You can't see them, so at first you guess their possible locations. When you do make a hit, the strategy evolves - what type of ship is it? How much ammunition will I need to sink it? And moreover - where are the other ones?

    The game is made far more interesting than this basic strategy though its use of excellent pixelart. Just look at the states of the ships as they move through various stages of destruction. This is a highly polished game and proudly displays this fact. Perhaps more options under the hood could've made it more long lasting, but what you get is well worth it and is highly enjoyable.

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