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Hacker Download

  • Developer: Chen Luu
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Crime, Hacking

All the hacking fun you can immagine with no chance of being caught

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  • EXpl0si0nZ

    This game is great if you rate the download, great if you rate the idea behind the game, poor if you rate the graphics, and nice if you rate the fact that it's the first game of that programmer.

    The game is a bit confusing at the beginning, but there is a help included telling you the steps of the first stage.

    The boring fact is that the stages are all quite similar, but if you ignore (nearly) everything of programming & that kind of stuff, like me, then you'll be addicted.

    This game created a special feeling after the first stages, I can't explain it, it's quite difficult explaining that, but it nearly really gave me the feeling (please don't laugh) that I was someone special, hacking into bank systems, the Microsoft system, and even the FBI files!

    I only gave "Good" instead of "Excellent!" because of the gameplay: very limited. Although the game is great fun, the gameplay is really limited.

    However that didn't keep me from playing it a few times...

    Another bad aspect is that once you've finished the game, all the fun is taken.

    But as I said, for a download size of 1 MB, and with the good reviews, you should download it (as I did).

  • SpogMunky

    Hacker 2 was difficult and Hacker 3 is too hard to understand, making the original game the best. Most would disagree with their ignorant points like: "Oh, but the sequel is always better." Well that's not true about any movies.

    The story is you are a guy who owes someone, somehow, a lot of money and so you resort to hacking, don't ask me why, you could just get a job or hold up a bank. OK, so the story is weak but the gameplay is great.

    You have to first connect your computer and then go to an I.P. address, you use your port scan to find a port to plug into, you login and do what you have to do, which is something between stealing and/or deleting files. Then you delete your logs to not get tracked. You may have to send out a virus. After that you disconnect. Then you reconnect and move on.

    The graphics are not to speak of because they're aren't very many, because they aren't needed. So overall its an excellent game! Worth the download by far.

  • Acidic's picture

    I myself have never been a hacker nor do I even plan on being one but I have always been curious about how hacking works. I can’t tell you how accurate this game actually is but it seems like it could be pretty close to the real thing.

    The story is you’re in debt $50,000 and desperately need to make the cash. You turn to hacking to get yourself out of the red.

    So how does this hacking game work? You have to find servers to hack into; you have to do port scans, password cracks, etc in order to obtain access. Once in you have to find what you’re looking for, delete log files and get out.

    So if you’re a hacker: here’s something to keep you out of trouble but even if you’re not a hacker this hacking game is still pretty fun. It’s all the hacking fun you can imagine with no fear of being caught.

  • Ka0tix

    Please, if you're going to make a game, at least try to make it accurate. This was, sadly, one of the worst hacking similation games I've ever played (And I've played some quite horrible ones.) It's, as was said before, a mockery of the hacking world. And, though it may just be my computer, most of the features don't even work. My suggestion: Leave the hacking sims to those who know what they're doing.

  • Francois

    This game is pretty much text-based, and it has minimal graphics and audio. But what makes it fun is it makes you feel like some sort of hacker from a different world. Anyway, the only downside is that it is a very short game. But not to worry, because there are now 4 other Hacker games. Enjoy!

  • Nezzy

    Hacker was a neat and fun game. I liked it but it would have been better if it had better graphics. It would have been cool if it had a way that the player could have created their own personalized hacking alias. Other than that I really thought that it was an awesome game.

  • Mu

    Very unrealistic, even the creator (who made it in Game Maker which is self-evident) said he didn't want to "teach people to hack". It gives a bad image to actual security analysts and hackers. Even Black hats and skiddies should shun this game as mockery of an art.

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