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Happy Land Adventures Download

Happy Land Adventures

Another excellent game from Freelunch Design (Johan Peitz; Creator of such amazing classics as Icy Tower)

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  • Pixie

    Another excellent game from Freelunch Design (Johan Peitz; Creator of such amazing classics as Icy Tower). This is a cute platform game in which you run around saving the inhabitants of Happyland (or Santa’s helpers, in the Christmas edition.)

    The Christmas version is great at easing you into the Christmas season with its festive background music. The graphics are good, the inhabitants are adorable and the hero is easy to control. A must for the holiday season. Batteries sold separately.

    Acid-play takes no responsibility for persons incurring "Tune stuck in head", after playing this game

  • Joshuanovi

    Boy, I've known this game ever since I was like, 5! I'm 11, now. I made some VERY slick levels, because I make games. I wonder how to post games on acid-play? Anyways, I was exited when is was 7 'cause that's when I figured out the level editor, and because my sister almost beat the game, but she only had 1 life, so when she lost, I got encouraged I could beat the game, BTW I did beat it... once. Thanx, acid-play!!! Sorry 'bout that double repost. But the lag is just, ANNOYING! I thought I didn't post it once, 'till I figured out I posted 2 of 'em. LOL

  • Happy Gamer

    Ok, so we all agree that Happy Land Adventures does have the best comics, the best moves, the best controls or rules or obstacles. And at times, yes, it can get a little dull BUT I personally believe that its a fun game for people who dislike crazy shooting and killing games (like me). I think that there should be more harmless games out there that kids can play simply to have fun. I give it 100%.

  • Bruno

    This is a long term fun factor for children. My boy is playing it since he was 4 now he is 8 and still loves it most. He has a lot of other commercial games but he always comes back to this brilliant game.

    He is using the map editor very much now and he creates nice levels.

    I still love the sound and the non violent gameplay.

    The best game for children... for free...

  • Maddy

    A fab game that conquers boredom with addictive little collectable strawberries! A quick download means you can get straight into the game and secret codes extend the excitement and interest. Fun, easy to medium in level - very entertaining!

  • Happy Lander

    I agree with Happy Gamer. I know that Happy Land seems silly to some people, but it is just a fun loving 'happy' game for the whole family to play.

    So much better than those Man Hunter games which are just senseless violence!

  • Unknown

    I wish there was a 0%. I found this game boring and a waste of my time. Graphics look good from the screen shot but when you play it the graphics are terrible.


    P.S Just look at the name, what a joke.

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