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Hobo Soccer Download

  • Developer: Magic Whisper
  • Genre: Sport
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Hobo Soccer

Hobo Soccer is one of the most brilliant games ever conceived. It’s absolutely absurd.

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  • XificurC

    First I would like to say that Hobo Soccer is not trying to be a great masterpiece, but it surely is!
    You have one player on the play-ground which has walls, so the ball can't go out. This player moves really weird, it's like you would play on ice - the player cant stop fast, he is slowing down slower than you would except. The player shoots when you knock him into the ball, there is no special key for this. The opponent in Amateur mode is 1 player, in Pro 2 players and in Hobo mode there are 2 players + 1 goalkeeper. Amateur mode is really easy, after 1 match you will beat him, but the Pro is harder. You have to learn how to move, how the ball is moving and how the opponents are moving to win in this mode. Hobo mode is unbelievably hard! Try it and you will see. The point is to score more goals then the opponent, so this is soccer, don't worry (just a bit weird). The time is not written, but after the half of play the game writes "Half-time" and when you have 1 minute it says in German "Warning! 1 minute left" or something like that.
    All in all, Hobo Soccer is a really excellent game if you want to have fun or relax a bit. P.S.: there is also a Multiplayer mode (not through internet, just for 2 players on 1 keyboard). Have fun!

    --It's "Attention! 1 minute [until the] end!"--Gohst--

  • Gohst

    Hobo Soccer is possibly the weirdest game of soccer I have ever seen. One player is on each side, and you have to score a goal. Problem is you’re both hobo’s and have no sense of direction (and are probably drunk) so scoring a goal is very difficult.

    First thing you notice is the graphics. They’re not professional and they don’t need to be. This game is about as amateur as it gets and that’s the charm of it. You know you’re not playing a high concept game, so you can just tune out and relax.

    The game play is superb. Like mentioned above, it's not polished and spick and span, it’s rough around the edges and that’s where the charm comes from. It’s a silly game and that’s the attitude you should play it in. It’s just silly fun.

    The music and sound are not perfect, but what in this game is? It’s just what you need to make the game what it is, just a vehicle for fun.

    This game, Hobo Soccer, is not the most complex of games, but there are days when you just sit back and want a simple game to unwind. This game delivers.

  • Sandman

    It's a game for a coffee break, just plain and simple, nothing wrong with that. It's the controls which makes this game a bit strange. Like I said, it's strange, your player runs around like he is drunk and is hard to control. Maybe this makes you laugh or it gets on your nerves. I couldn't really decide between the both. But it doesn't keep me playing for long or coming back either.

  • Jynxx

    Hobo soccer is not very pleasing to the eye. It doesn't have any substance. But if you want to relax and just have some fun then this is just that - FUN! Every now and then a game this simple comes along and just suprises the heck out of you. It is VERY addictive and has more levels of difficulty for when you get better. Have Fun!

  • Otto van Zanten

    Very nice game.. at least.. if you're good at it. Otherwise it is VERY frustrating.

  • Fan

    It's simply too much fun. I suggest getting it now.

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