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Icy Tower Download

  • Developer: free lunch design
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Tags: Addictive, Family Friendly, Icy Tower
Icy Tower

Icy Tower combines great graphics, catchy background music and addictive gameplay to make a gaming masterpiece

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  • Justin

    Icy Tower is one of the most awesome freeware games that I have ever played! And I'm extremely sure that if you download Icy Tower, you'll be telling the same thing to your friends and fellow Acid-play fans.

    In Icy Tower, you play as a kid named Harold the Homeboy, who found the tower in the middle of the forest, and is trying to get the top so he can impress his friends. Even though Harold the Homeboy is the main character, you can also play as two other characters, Disco Dave, and Green Harold the Homeboy. None of them have any abilities unique to their character, but each of them have their own music and sound effects.

    You earn points in the game by jumping from platform to platform in the tower, and by performing combos. To perform a combo, you have to make your character move faster than normal, and then jump. You get more points for every combo you do. You also gain new start floors by gaining a lot of points.

    I've tried to edit Icy Tower, but it takes a while and gets very monotonous after a while, since you have to edit a template and be good at art. If you are not an artist, I wouldn't suggest trying to edit this game. There is a guide about how to edit Icy Tower in the game's readme.

    Icy Tower is a must-download for all gamers out there. Download it now, and help Harold the Homeboy get to the top of his tower. Good luck!

  • Pixie

    One of the greatest freeware games of our time! Icy Tower combines great graphics, catchy background music and addictive gameplay. This is another classic by Johan Peitz. This fella writes terrific games.

    In Icy Tower you must help Harold the homeboy to impress his friends by jumping to the highest level in the Icy Tower. The higher you jump the more points you receive. You get extra points for performing tricks. (You’ll soon figure out how.) Enough said. Download it already.

    Update: Version 1.2
    Icy Tower 1.2 has been a long time in the making and it is finally here! So what does this update offer: The ability so save your replays, a more in-depth high score list as well as custom characters that you can download or create yourself. There have also been some bug fixes and tweaks. All in all this update really does cement Icy Towers position as the greatest freeware game around.

  • TrustMyWords

    Icy Tower is a skill game. It's about a dude (that's you) who loves to jump around. One day he found an icy tower which is very slippery and tall. Since then he spends most of his time everyday jumping aimlessly there, alone.

    You control your character to move right or left, and jump. To do a long, high jump, you need to run first. Sometimes you may get bonuses for performing some sort of skills. Basically, you just jump around until you fall off.

    In my opinion, it's boring. But for growing kids maybe, like other reviewers, this is a cool game. Just because of the character's appearance and the music. The gameplay is boring.

    Icy Tower may remain in your hard drive for about 1/2 to 1 hour unless you think it's a cool, funky game. However, because it's very small in size and freeware, I suggest you to try out this game. To the author of this game, sorry for writing this negative review.

  • Bas

    Hey people, I don’t understand the fun in this game. Do I have the wrong game or something? Is this game really only jumping some ledges? Goodness me, I can’t believe everyone likes this game so much. It might be fun when you’re drunk or whatever, but as a game, this is nothing. This site offers many, many great freeware games like Little Fighter 2, Soldat, Americas Army, One Must Fall, Hidden and Dangerous and many more and what happens? If you go to the top rated page, a game where your purpose is to jump up to stupid ledges is on the first page of the top rated pages! Sorry I get carried away sometimes, but I think this game is rubbish.

  • Matt

    Icy tower is very great game that keeps you playing.

    Being a game designer myself, I find that Icy Tower has all of the required aspects of a great computer game, all except one. This game, and any other game, needs a multiplayer option, and some better rewards for making it far.

    The only thing that makes me stop playing, is that I cant show my buddies, or play with my buddies, and so the only thing that I reviewed this for, was to show that this is a great game, and that if you want a quick download, and a fun little game to keep you going for a few days, this game is worth a download.

  • Icy tower fan

    This game is one of the simplest computer games that I've ever come across, yet one of the most popular. In just the 3 to 4 MB it occupies, you'll find a whole new world of competitiveness and fun. Just making a man jump one step to another with no other purpose may seem dull to critics, but once you begin playing, you can't stop, keep trying again and again, doing as many somersaults and going as high as possible. Nothing can describe the exhilaration on making a combo of 73 floors or reaching 400 or something.

  • Ali

    At first sight this may seems like a nice simple platformer. You probably won't understand it's popularity. But there is more than meets the eye. My advice - watch one of the replays included, these are highscores made by some of the best Icy Towers on the planet. Try to copy that! Practice, until you have mastered your very first small combo move, and feel happy the whole rest of the day. Until you realize you have to practice more. Do bigger jumps. Get higher. Get addicted. Be warned, the tower has no end.

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