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Monopoly Deluxe Download

  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Monopoly Deluxe

If you're looking for the perfect Monopoly game for your computer, this is for you!

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  • Mr mike

    I dont feel I'm wrong in saying that just about everybody has either heard of or played Monopoly before. This classic board game is a popular time passer.

    Being made in America this is the U.S version of the board game, so the currency is in dollars. Being an all original game, Monopoly Deluxe allows you to play with up to 10 different players, using the characters such as the car, shoe, ship, wheelbarrow etc.

    Game play is easy, simply start a new game by adding your players and selecting their characters (you can add computer controlled players too) then click on "Start" (once you have 2 or more players). Click on the dice in the side bar to roll, your player will then move and the game has begun! Buy properties before the other players can, otherwise you will end up paying rent when you land on them! You can also buy houses and hotels for your properties which increase the rent.

    All the usual rules apply, pass go get $200. There are options too that you can change, which I think is a great feature. Put a time limit on your game, set the free parking fine, enable or disable trading and more.

    Overall Monopoly Deluxe is an impressive game, no amazing 3D graphics, no awesome soundtracks, just a simple 2D, mouse controlled board game.

  • Jonathan

    Awesome game that provides a board for players as well as the ability to save the game to pick up some other time!

    If you have a laptop on a car trip it's nice to be able to play without having to worry about the pieces falling off over a bump. The animations and sound effects are cute and rather thorough for the tiny download size.

    I completely recommend this game, although if you are playing against the computer it's pretty easy to cheat, and if you're one of those folks (myself included) who occasionally changes the rules in the game, it's not so good but otherwise it's true to Parker Bros.

  • BlueEyes

    Firstly, you can buy houses and hotels it's just not very intuitive (you need to double click your icon, select the properties to build on, must have a monopoly, and then select build from the decision menu with the properties still highlighted)

    The UI is overall poorly designed but the game plays fine except for a small text bug in XP.

    It is a wonderful copy of the original monopoly except for one major issue, all the street names appear to be from an American version or the game, a little confusing for everyone used to the traditional English street names.

  • Douglas.carrison.msn

    This game is brilliant! It's a nice, simple Monopoly game. It works fine under any Windows OS made within the last 18 years, including Vista (which impressed me). You do need to twiddle a few options to get it to behave (such as to get the computer to roll for itself), but otherwise, brilliant!

    Alas, there is a small bug (under XP and Vista) where the second, third, etc., lines of text get cut off. Otherwise, it's a great game. You'll need to figure out where some things are hidden at first, but once you find them, you'll be alright!

  • Neutral/Acid

    This is mainly for board games fan only. If you hate this type of game, shut-up. Here are the pros and cons...

    +You do not need to set up the board.
    +There are lots of settings!
    +This is playable, unlike the other monopoly clones.

    -When you start the game, you need to keep clicking 'ok.'
    -No full screen.
    -Resolution not high enough

    For fans: Excellent!
    For neutral: Good.
    For newbies: Average.
    For pessimistics: Poor.
    For haters: Terrible.
    For morons: Unplayable.

  • Cidschonken

    The game is okay for playing with friends or just play it yourself with 2 players but then what's the fun? The AI of the game sucks! The CPU player gets cash and double rolls but the human player gets jail and tax.
    Overall the game is not bad, but the point of such games are to keep you busy when you are bored, not for playing with frieds, so why would you download such a game for playing with friends? It's just no fun, change the AI and this small game will rock...

  • Douglas

    Monopoly Deluxe is excellent. A friend gave me a copy, and I love it! It is a bit funny under Windows XP (text tends to overlap) even with compatibility settings applied, but under 9x operating systems it's fine. However, it doesn't remember the rules, and my setup installer was broken (I just copied it anyway).

    This game comes from the Windows 3.1x era, so any bucket of bolts can run it.

    All in all, a great way to kill an afternoon.

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