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Noctis Download

  • Developer: fottifoh
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

With seemingly infinite space to explore, Noctis really is an excellent space simulator

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  • Anonymous

    Review by Emir Starshyne (from Brazil)

    Small, smart and stupefying space flight simulator.

    Well, this game is different than anything I ever seen. An unlimited extension of space to explore - believe in me, it is almost impossible to visit all the possible worlds in one life - and many things to see, it is clearly a addictive game.

    You can fly through the deepest reaches of a virtual galaxy exploring star systems, hopping from planet to planet, from moon to moon. And you can land anywhere! All the planets and moons are reachable with your surface capsule and you can walk around, taking photographs (snapshots stored in an special folder on the game's directory), and the best part is: you can share your discoveries with other Noctis' players just sending to the developer's homepage a file extracted from the game with a single command in the internal console. And your worlds, named by you, will be visited for many people around the world, and they will add comments on things they found in the worlds you discovered and all...

    Whoa, it is strange to talk about this game. It is different from anything. Free flight through the galaxy only limited by the fuel (you cannot carry more than 120 grams of fuel with you - 120 grams let you to travel about 3.000 light-years, and it is much but not enough).

    The best part of it is: you can close the program anytime and when you re-run it, your ship will be in the same place you left it when you pressed ESC to quit game. If you get stuck (the game is glitchy sometimes), just delete the file CURRENT.bin from the Data folder inside Noctis directory and you'll restart the game. But don't worry, because the worlds you discovered will still be there, stored in a different file! Have fun!

  • StarDrifter

    Noctis is a wonderful space-exploration simulator; I doubt any C+ and Assembly game can get closer to perfection then this.

    The Noctis galaxy has only 256 colors, but the use of these colors are extraordinary, with fully detailed planetary landscapes, great effects, and just sometimes stunningly beautifull sceneries. The galaxy also has no less then over 70 billion stars, sorted out over many star and planet-classes; using semi-random seeds similar to that of Elite 2 and 3, just much more advanced. Only Noctis is firmly set on exploration - there's no empires to be build, no aliens to be slain, no beam cannons, no particle weapons, simply because Noctis doesn't need any of those. What it's got instead are the StarMap and Guide, extraordinery DOS-graphics and one of the most beautiful atmosphere you'll ever encounter in any game.

    And to think, the current Noctis is only the beginning, with a 32 bit Linoleum (Alex's own programming system) version to follow soon, a project named "Noctis V"!

    In short, Noctis is a unique space-exploration game, with literally endless possibilities. It's not for the space-shooter fans, nor for die-hard action gamers. Noctis is for explorers; those that dream of the wonders out there. Noctis is quite simply one of the best games I've ever played - within both freeware and commercial; a simulator of dreams.

  • overmann's picture

    Let a journey unlike any other begin.

    the game that dares to create an entire galaxy that fits inside a little more than 1 megabyte. noctis is the ultimate exploration game, taking you from beautiful low resolution solar systems (which is not a bad thing) the low resolution aspect creates a dream-like atmosphere that sucks you in for adventure.

    at first is frustrating because the control scheme is not the most intuitive aspect of this game, you'll have to read the manual beforehand and memorize some simple commands to make your journey a little more bearable, this is absolutely rewarding.

    the downside is that it gets boring after a while and you might forget about it after two playthroughs, there is no end to noctis and the only fun aspect is the vimana flights and that you can take pictures of everything in the galaxy to show them on the official forums.

    you can also name unknown planets but i never bothered about this, i just wanted to watch some landscapes.

    this game is definitely not for everyone.

  • Kkjensen1

    Noctis is a great game! If you run an Operating System that is not DOS based, you should run Noctis IV CE (NICE) which is for Windows XP users. The game is very easy to install, and features a complete galaxy to explore. Learning the commands to play the game has a learning curve, but it is not impossible to learn.

    Getting the game from the Noctic website is interesting, it cannot be downloaded using a download manager program, but the download is fairly small (< 7mb) so a download manager is not needed.

    The game requires you to simply explore planets and stars in the galaxy. You have all the tools you will need, a space ship called the Stardrifter, which happens to be your title as the player, a Stardrifter.

    You can find many wonderous places to explore, some places, like planets can offer some very interesting situations that you will have to get out of.

    I give Noctis an 8.8 because it seems unclear that you may have to download and install NICE instead of Noctis IV.

  • 10Kan

    This game just astounds me.

    To think that you can start on one end of the galaxy, fire up your engines and zip to the other end, enter a detailed and unique star system, land on a precise location on one of its planets and sit under a tree gently swaying in the breeze on a hill overlooking the sea where waves roll lazily into the shore is one thing. Knowing that there is no other place like this in all of the countless stars making up Noctis' galaxy is another.

    Doing all this with a program that's just over a megabyte is something else entirely. People give lip service to game-making as an "art" while it tends to instead behave like an industry. Noctis really is a work of art.

    However, before going in one should realize that Noctis is not a goal-oriented game. Exploring where one wishes and snapping some pictures is the simulation in its entirety. If that's not your cup of tea, please don't penalize this sim for not being something it isn't intended to.

  • Rekall

    With 3D graphics and infinite space to explore, Noctis is an incredible space simulator, which allows you to explore and adventure through a fictional galaxy.

    In many ways this title is similar to Microsoft Space simulator, but it is freeware, which makes it a whole lot better, right?

    In this game you control a spacecraft and you have the ability to explore any planet or star you see and plot a course and land the planet’s surface.
    If you like, when you discover a star, you can name it and send the name to the Noctis website and they will add it to their community star map.

    The download size is amazing since you can fit all the 3D graphics and seemingly endless space in just over one megabyte.

    This really is one of the best freeware space exploration games out there.

    NB: Check out the website. It's really worth it!

  • Smurf88

    Ok, here are the main flaws that prevented me from playing this game:

    1. Extremely confusing interface, it took me 10 minutes to just find out how to get to a planet and I was never even able to land on it.

    2. Controls. It was difficult to use the mouse to move and look around, ESPECIALLY with the frustrating menu that kept exiting out of itself unless you move really fast.

    3. Graphics. While they look fine, they made me have motion sickness after 20 minutes, and I do play many first person shooters and only have had this occur once before.

    So I guess other players may have enjoyed it, but I give this an unplayable rating.

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