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The Ocean Battle Download

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
The Ocean Battle

This game is exceptional in every aspect and provides realistic and challenging fighter jet simulation.

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  • Mr mike

    The Ocean Battle is one of the handful of freeware games that stand out from the rest. This game is exceptional in every aspect and provides realistic and challenging fighter jet simulation.

    My only setback on this game is that the mission information and the introduction are in Japanese, but don't worry I will tell you the English version below (I have also included a translation of the help file in the download – translation.html).

    The game consists of three missions:
    Mission 1: This is a "dogfight" mission. You must shoot down all of your airborne enemies before you run out of fuel or get destroyed yourself. There are buildings on the ground that provide health and/or fuel once destroyed.

    Mission 2: You must destroy all of the obstacles on the ground without being

    Mission 3: There is a huge battle ship full of enemies for you to destroy.

    The graphics in this game are awesome, the controls are a bit hard to get used to, but they are correct for that of a flight game (up arrow moves the plane down etc.) and the sound is realistic.

    Other than the fact that it is in Japanese, the only other problem is that the game needs more missions!

    The Ocean Battle is an excellent game for any flight simulation or war game fan.

  • Anonymous

    This game has a somewhat steep learning curve, what with such a weird turning for the aircraft, but is pretty well done, though the graphics are a bit polygonal & crude.

    Arrow keys manage the jet. Space bar fires an infinite machine gun. Q & W toggle the map. Manage speed with A & Z. Launch some not-too-reliable missiles with M, once the targeting reticule tracks a potential target.

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