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Omar's Oyster Outing Download

  • Developer: Sinister Systems
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Omar's Oyster Outing

A small but interesting Zombie shoot 'em up game which plays like a survival simulator.

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  • Gohst

    Poor Omar. Perhaps that should be lucky Omar. Depending on your view of things, Omar is in a lot of strife, or he is very lucky. Your personal views aside, he's still the last one alive in a town full of zombies. Raiding and securing stores, managing health, food and ammo while avoiding zombie attacks.

    The most interesting thing about this game is the emphasis is far, far away from action. A zombie shooter without action? No, it's not far fetched and there is action. Mis-time something and you will find yourself surrounded by attacking pixels which represent the undead.

    However, in a situation like this you not only would face immediate death, but you'll need to stock up on ammo while you're at it. Not to mention eating and raiding new pairs of sneakers - and cool sunglasses. With only a limited amount you can carry in your arms, you'll need to decide what's more important: health packs or ammunition.

    During the exploration of the town you'll come across many of the classic zombie references, for example taking to the roof of a building while yielding a shotgun. More directly aimed at the survival enthusiast than the zombie fan coming off the back of recent fast paced Hollywood movies, this game delivers a fresh look at the genre which this reviewer enjoyed without doubt.

  • Da Professor

    This is a "fast" RPG with great atmosphere and gameplay. It also has great replayability potential, since levels are generated and it is fun to finish the game with a better score than before (or compete with others on the online scoreboard).

    And there is a sequel in making! The presentation is not minimal anymore, it is actually done in a nice and clean 3D!

  • Zombie

    If only there were a save system but it's okay...

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