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Orbiter Download

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Space

An excellent 3D space flight simulator

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  • TwoPi

    If you're looking for a game, you'll be disapointed. Most games aren't rocket science, but this one is. Literally.

    Orbiter is a simulation, not a game. To succeed in this simulation, you're going to need to study some very geeky things, like Hohmann transfer orbits, orbital mechanics, and a little bit of math.

    Simulators are fun when they make you believe you are no longer simply using a computer. I actually cheered out loud when I managed to take off, transfer to lunar orbit, land on the moon, and return safely home.

    I can now listen to NASA briefings and understand words like 'apoapsis' and 'orbit alignment burn.'

    Don't expect aliens and explosions, but if you like to think for fun, you're gonna love this one.

  • Spog

    Well, if you're smart like anybody who's not me then you'll love this game. Unfortunately most of the tutorials don't help a lot if you can't figure it out on your own. The graphics are great. And the gameplay is fun if you can understand it. I would have to give this game two ratings. If you're smart: Excellent. If you're not: Don't play the game! And its a pretty big download... so if you already have a slow computer, this won't help. Overall its a good game. And if you're not smart but just want to play this, the tutorials are fun to watch, or you could play around with controls on the ship instead of taking off (I would suggest the mission called "Quickstart").

  • Speedy

    It's one of the most professional freeware games I've seen. I like how it looks, how it feels, but there are, in my opinion, a few downfalls, one of which is the manual. It runs to 71 pages long and doesn't even cover all of the ships. This is fine though, if you don't mind reading manuals.

    The other thing is that there is no damage on the ships if you hit into other ships, space stations, etc. All in all, for the space exploration fan it's a great thing to have.

  • Zero

    An excellent 3D space flight simulator. This game is as close as it gets to flying a real spaceship, from landing and docking to taking off and flying. However this means there are no space battles with massive explosions and flashing UFOs, but the game is still great.

    The only problem is this game is so accurate and detailed that it takes a large amount of reading before you can properly operate the spaceshuttle and do some space exploration.

  • Kyle Mawby

    An excellent game, you'll be playing it for hours. The graghics are superb but the instuctons are a little vague.

  • Kurniawan

    You will get the feeling of real simulation. A tough one tough.

  • Spacerider

    Man, it's an awesome game if you like space.

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