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Porrasturvat: Stair Dismount Download

  • Developer: jetro lauha
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Porrasturvat: Stair Dismount

Send someone tumbling down the stairs, injuring them severely

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  • SpogMunky

    This game is indescribable! All the fun of pushing people down the stairs, without the lawsuits and hospital visits. They take this dummy, put him at the top of a large staircase and then its up to you. This game isn't as cutomizable as "Truck Dismount" (which is a great game by the way) but it is still fun and addictive. The only options (other than camera) are what part of the body you hit him and where on the part of the body you hit him. You can also chose the force of the hit, but not really, seeing as the bar goes quickly from the least force to the greatest, but if you have good reflexes you can choose the force. This game is: "Good" if not Excellent. If you thought this game was good or excellent, or even hate it, you'll love "Truck Dismount" made by the same people, but more customizable.

  • Wierdbeard

    Down the stairs with you my friend... snap...crunch...thud.

    Score as much damage as you can by sending some poor sucker down the stairs. By controlling the initial conditions of the fall you can create some pretty nasty looking accidents. Ouch!

    If you're feeling blue, and perhaps would like to kill someone, I think you would benefit from playing this game.

  • Ryan

    Sort of boring actually. There is just not enough of it to play for any period of time. But in the games defense, who could hate the base idea of pushing someone down some stairs just to see them injured? Overall the game can't hold my attention, but it is a good concept.

  • Cory

    This is dumb, and I speak for Mac users here. Every time you open the app, it just goes away instantly without ever showing anything but the Dock icon. Terrible, unplayable. Fun, when it works. It worked once and has crashed every time since then. Very disappointed.

  • Painbringer_21*

    The brother of truck dismount but with better sounds. Instead of controlling ramps and positions you control angle of force(nothing actually hits him) and power.

    For those who thought there was no skill required in Truck Dismount, there is a slight amount here.

  • Greg

    How can this not be one of the best stress relievers out there today? Don't we all have someone in our life that we would like to push down a flight of stairs? I think we do. Great game!

  • Ultima

    It's cool! Though a slow framerate-Truck Dismount wasn't a slow framerate. I am a big fan a physics so this is cool, but Truck Dismount is the best.

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