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Reversi Download

  • Developer: artpol software
  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

In this version Reversi has been given a nice 3D effect

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  • Acidic's picture

    Reversi is one of those games that is unbelievably simple but makes for some good fun. In this version Reversi has been given a nice 3D effect.

    Each of the 2 players can be set to wither human or computer. Computer players can be set to a difficulty level from 1 to 9.

    Games like Reversi will never waste your hard drive space, it’s the like on game that you can come back to and play when ever you have nothing better to do.

  • Anonymous

    Reversi and Othello are practically the same game. The good theing of this program of Reversy is thet it has more levels, and even if you choose the ''very easy'' level, it is a bit harder than the programs of Othello and Super othello. This ios what i was lookind for - i actually have to think what Iwill do next....

  • Sharon Ewe

    Nice program. Compared to other shareware Reversi programs, this one is simple, downloads quickly and neatly, and works perfectly without bugs/flaws. Other programs I've used have been buggy and slow. Kudos on this program.

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