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Sandbox of God Download

  • Developer: mr.chubigans and him
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: God Game
Sandbox of God

Oversee the evolution of a world, which is created and shaped entirely by your actions.

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  • MadSickHowitzer

    Sandbox of God is an amazingly excellent and well-developed game. You'll see the loading screen, of course, and say "oh geez, another game maker piece". Don't pay any attention as to how this game was made. It surpasses many games made using ANYTHING.

    The presentation is fairly decent. The graphics are really not something to boast about, but fortunately the sounds and gameplay make any graphical complaints irrelevant.

    The music is DIVINE. It's gorgeous, it's relevant to the gameplay, it instills a sense of wonder, joy, sorrow, and emotionality to what you do. If i'm correct, the music is sung by the young and gifted Charlotte Church during her years as a classical musician. I believe this because i've heard alot of the songs from this game in the movie "A Beautiful Mind", for which she did the soundtrack. Someone please clarify this!

    The gameplay is much like one of those "Choose Your Adventure" books only it doesn't completely suck. The idea is gracefully executed. Albeit some of the ideas are far feteched (thunder turns mountains into volcanos? Forreal?), but who expects realism in a game where YOU are God? Is any God game completely realistic? Anyway, what you do affects the future of the Rabbits and Humans, and you can choose who you favor. Good luck helping those moronic rabbits though. You can play a million times and not often run into the same conclusion, and the progression is different almost everytime if you're willing to experiment.

    If you really want to amplify the experience, listen to Polyphony's album "Eric Whitacre: Cloudburst and other choral works". It will make you cry.

    8.5. I really love this game to death. It's not the best, but what "flaws" it does have are pretty irrelevant.

  • Gohst

    This is one that I've had around for a while, but never got to play. Now that I have, I can see what the fuss is about - this game is absolutely amazing.

    You take control of a planet, which you introduce items into. For example, a meteor, rain, lightning, etc. doing so in any particular order will produce different results. For example, the crashed comet may become either a house, a well or a volcano.Other actions you have upon the land influence later actions and in turn, the evolution of those as they interact with others.

    The game spans a time frame of 1,000,000 BC through to 2100 AD. The order of which evolutions occur early on affect what options you have in future eras. For your involvement in the human/rabbit evolution along with the cultivation of the planet, you are ranked at the end of every era. Expect to be ranked EVIL a lot before getting the hang of the game.

    Replay value is essentially the crux of this game where the different order of objects and the results thereof are the main focus. Additional replay takes the form of a checklist at the end of every full game you play. These things, such as raising a volcano, or the rabbits IQ to 100+ along with other such events, eventually will earn you 100% completion and an unlockable bonus.

    Needless to say, this game is incredibly unique - and it becomes increasingly tailored to your own skillset as you master the actions and observe how the people evolve over time. Introduce plagues, flood with rain, strike with lightning, introduce laws, grant more power to creatures... develop a strategy and consider your actions. They all have consequences.

  • Zack

    This is a great game if your the type of person that likes that cool, mission-tasking strategy games, this game I hihly reccomend for you. On the first day you might get the era rank: EVIL, however it gets easier by the rounds.
    Rounds?- Rounds are the new game, each time you finish a game, it will pop-up a checklist, and then you can click "new round" or "next game". This game, is a real neat game, you have to actually do stuff, like anwser peoples prayers. However, don't anwser all the prayers, it might lead to pnishment agianst you later on in-game, I learned this the hard way.

    ===Good side of this game===
    -HIGHLY entertaining
    -Very good, and realistic (I think)
    -Takes time away fast, one moment you start at 5pm, and when your done its like 7-8pm. Its that addicting.

    ===bad side of this game===
    -Takes to long to load, however, this makes it more real I belive.

    It seems like the good side rules ovr the bad. Please, just download this game, try it out, and you'll never waste your time staring at the computer screen agian, instead, you'll be playing/interacting with a good, time-spending game.

  • MisterE

    Sandbox of God is one of those games that has an excellent premise and hook, that is executed well, and with elegance. It shows people how a fairly modest but well done game can be just as enjoyable as the most advanced ones.

    On the surface, the graphics seem cheesy and the music may be bit annoying to some, but they are actually fairly nice and fit well in the game.

    It creates a wonderful atmosphere with the music. Where it really shines though, is gameplay. Being able to play God is just plain fun in this game. Where other games like Populous or Civilization, have made task seem immersive, yet somewhat complicated, Sandbox of God has a simple interface and intuitive and fresh flow to it. The game seems quite polished and full of style, for a freeware game, and I reccomend it to anybody looking for a fun Simulation game to play- especially if you hate games like "The Sims" and have never played a decent simulation.

  • Stratubas

    I like the idea of the game. Be god and help humans' civilisation. But I don't like this game at all.

    The problem isn't just the terrible graphics. It's the lack of realism. A comet becomes a mountain and when you hit it with a thunder it becomes a volcano? No, thanks, I'll keep the lithospheric plates' movement version.

    The game speed is very low with no reason, making it boring.

    It's just fun to try.

  • Douglas

    I played this game last night. I found it really funny (my men became very intelligent, and my rabbits had an IQ throughout the entire game of 18 or something). It was hideously amusing (except it kept calling me evil!)

    I would recommend this game to anyone who likes The Sims or SimCity, or anything like that.

  • Mike Wazowski

    It has good replayability and the game overall is very unique. I like how you get ranked and your rank reflects how you are doing in the game. It's also interesting that you have a checklist at the end of each game, so you always have a goal. Overall it's a great game.

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