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Scrabble Download

  • Developer: 0wn4g3 s0f7w4r3
  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A nice scrabble game with all the features that you’d expect and hope for.

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  • Acidic's picture

    A nice scrabble game with almost all the features that you’d expect and hope for. There is a build in dictionary to which you can add your own words.

    You can play with up to four players but unfortunately there is no CPU player.

    Scrabble is the words favorite word game and this port to the PC really does do the original justice.


    This game is excellent. There are 100's of acceptable words. Unfortunately, there's no timed mode. The help manual is external and the computer seems to have better tiles than you do. :-D

  • Anonymous

    I am simply disappointed in the game. You don't get the good tiles and the computer never stop playing the premium. No difficulty lever, no access to the dictionary and it looks fake.

  • Disappointed

    I was very disappointed with the "free" zip version. The game assumed "a" for blank tiles and there was no way to reassign them. No dictionary, no levels of play, etc.

  • Eric muoka

    I like playing the game be it online or just the manual bord. It's a creative game which makes you go deep down to search and dig in your english vocabulary.

  • Alterego

    More than adequate, and amazingly compact. Fitting the game and a dictionary into half a megabyte is astonishing! Microsoft could take lessons...

  • Abiola-Johnson

    This Scrabble makes my holiday, it moves me closer to my friends, it makes my time when im free, it also improves my languages experts

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