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Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor Download

  • Developer: Bruno R
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Star Wars
Star Wars: The Battle Of Endor

Battle hundreds of TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers and TIE Interceptors to reach and destroy Darth Vaders Ship.

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  • MarioFanaticXV

    A very accurate representation of the final battle of the Galactic Civil War. The game starts out simple, just blast the TIE fighters. Then, things get more complicated as you have to take out a Star Destroyer, and TIE Interceptors get into the mix. The cutscenes are very well done, and the lines come straight from the movie (text, no sound clips). The game plays like a simplified version of the X-Wing Academy games, even allowing you to change the laser settings, and even including lock on proton torpedoes. The scaling for the captial ships is flawless, any Star Wars fan will greatly appreciate the accuracy of the fighter to starship size ratio, as the Mon Calmari Cruisers truly do look as though they could hold three dozen fighters, which is something you rarely see in games now days.

    Graphics are very good for a fan game. Some of the best unprofessional work I've ever seen. Music comes straight from the Star Wars movies (such as "It's a Trap!" and the Imperial March) and is very high quality, but I believe they were simply ripped from a sound track.

    My only complaint is that the TIEs are rather lacking in the AI department, but with the accuracy of enemy turbo lasers, you'll have a decent challenge regardless.

    Overall, I seriously think that "Bruno R" should try and apply for a job at Lucas Arts. He has the needed knowledge, and we need a new X-Wing/TIE Fighter game.

  • Mr mike

    For all of you Star Wars fanatics out there or even for you non Star Wars fanatics is an awesome game! The Battle of Endor is from The Return of the Jedi, based on the battle against the Second Death Star.

    This is an easy to use, yet challenging, six stage flight simulation game (with joystick support) where your task is to fly your X-Wing through and shoot down the large amounts of TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers and TIE Interceptors protecting the cruisers and the Millennium Falcon. Once you have defeated all of these you are faced with Darth Vader's ship, the Super Star Destroyer “Executor”.

    The graphics are great with the classic Star Wars scrolling text to introduce you to the game while the in game graphics are 3D and the models almost exactly resemble the crafts from the Star Wars movie.

    I recommend this game to all action or flight simulator game fans and especially all Star Wars fans.

  • Pathos

    The music, sound, and graphics give the perfect atmosphere to the game. Everything about it just feels very professionally done.

    I enjoy this more than the original X wing game (which was too technical and enjoyment of the fighting suffered). There is restricted movement compared to other space sims however the game would just be annoying with full freedom. You only have kill ties and star destroyers but there are many critical strategic decisions required to win (protecting your wings vs protecting Home Base vs killing Destroyer vs killing TIES for more lives...etc).

    I love this game, it's so replayable and I still haven't won it yet.

  • Sandman

    This game is great - it really pulls you into the fights. It's a nice touch that you are fighting alongside other ships. The A.I. of the other fighters is not bad but if you leave the fight to them you will surely loose.

    Sometimes you have to get a TIE-fighter off their tail (some fighters even ask for your help). I hear many people say this game is hard or even too hard. Being hard isn't necessarily a bad thing of course. But believe me, this game is beatable. When you practise enough, it isn't even that difficult.

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    Well, there is not much to say.

    This game is quite nice, the ships are not very detailed (you can't expect that for size that small, can you??) but the STAR WARS fans will definitely recognize them (as I did).

    The game is nice, with a highscore counting the TIE's you shot AND how far you came in the game.

    All in all a quite nice game, but what I miss are some different difficulty levels.

    However it is a MUST for the STAR WARS fans who visit this site.

  • Matt

    The Battle of Endor is an excellent game with very good graphics. There is nothing wrong with this superbly made game except for the skill level. The Battle of Endor is better than some commercial Star Wars games and it is great to have it as a freeware game. Whether you're a Star Wars fan or a flight simulation fan this game is top notch and is worth downloading.

  • Abrar

    I am a StarWars fan but this is pathetic. This game is extremely hard for average gamers. The graphics aren't good either compared to the latest Star Wars games. The sound is just mediocre and the gameplay is nothing. The story however is not that bad but it isn't that good either.

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