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Stick Soldiers 2 Download

  • Developer: Andrew Russell Studios
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Violent
Stick Soldiers 2

The sequal to stick soldiers

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  • The True Gamer

    This game is all about killing. That's it. All you do is kill other stick people. No dungeons, no story, no nothing (other than killing).

    The simplicity of this game is what makes it and breaks it. Considering that, for the most part, killing in a game is fun, a game like this should be fun. But it's fun beyond that. The idea of killing someone, getting killed, respawning, and doing it all over again is something that really works for this game. Then again, it's all that this game does.

    Although, in general, this game is fun, it's not perfect, and its flaws make the experience worse. The learning curve isn't very good, and new players will have trouble racking up the kills like only the masters can. This is caused by two things: one, the skill of the bots, and two, the controls. The controls are mapped out in a way that makes no sense at all, and although it is possible to get used to them, I certainly never did. As any gamer should know, if the controls to a game aren't second nature, you won't succeed. And in a game as fast as this, having to think for half a second about where that button is will get you killed almost every time you're confronted. Most of the time in a game, having your fingers over the buttons needed helps you learn them, but in this game, you'd need three hands to do that. This fault is just sad.

    So, Stick Soldiers 2 is a good game, but the faults are its mortal enemy. Hopefully, Whitespace Unlimited will make the controls easier or, even better, a way to customize your controls. That would make this game the legend it's destined to be.

  • Jesus is God

    This game hasn't got any story line, nor does it have a purpose or "goal" to complete. There's also no missions, nor is there any upgrades. It's just a game where you click on, and you just fight. Right there.

    There's no training, although that would be helpful, there's also no multi player. It may seem multiplayer at first, however, it's just bots.

    The good thing about it is that you can just go on it and play war when you're bored. Although this isn't a christian-type game, this is, however, a pretty good game.

    This game I would suggest for teens and up because of the violence and use of weaponry. This is, however, suitable for 10+ without violent actions and use of weaponary.

    I will warn you, however, that there is a sniper rifle in the game and if you shoot and get a head shot the head of your target pops off. This is the only downer about this game, is it's use of violence.

    God Bless.

  • Zero

    Stick Soldiers 2 has quite a few extra features over the first game.

    The main idea of Stick Soldiers has not changed at all in this second instalment. You must run around and pick up different guns in order to kill each other.

    A menu has been added to the game so you can change your name as well as sound and graphics modes. There is also a team death match option instead of the usual everyone against everyone.

    The characters and weapons have improved a lot since the first game and there is now a Max Payne style ‘Bullet time’ effect. This makes everything go in slow motion.

    Stick Soldiers 2 also comes with a level Editor.

    There is no manual for controls so here they are:

    Jump: Alt
    Shoot: Space Bar
    Previous Weapon: N
    Next Weapon: M
    Slow Motion: X
    Jet Pack: Num 0

    One other thing I found is that if you press Z you drop your jetpack and it explodes killing anyone close to it.

  • Anonymous

    A brilliant idea with poor execution. The controls are what ruined this game for me. You have to aim using the up and down arrows which is a serious pain; it makes precise shots in clutch situations impossible. Why couldn't you just use the mouse to aim and shoot? That would have made this game a lot funner. Space bar is shoot, left and right arrows to move, up and down to aim, alt to jump, previous weapon is N, next weapon is M, slow motion is X, and jetpack is num0. WHY? What idiot designed the controls like that? Was it really necessary to have that difficult of controls? The controls make the game unplayable. Oh, and you can't change the controls either, so have fun. This game sucks.

  • Peteyjim

    Oh My God!! This is by far THE best stick game EVER!!!!! Great gameplay, the fact you can create you own maps, jetpacks and armor, and the LARGE variety of weapons :) I STRONGLY recommend you download this game! Its not but it feels like your online playing multiplayer because of how they talk to eachother if you have bot chat ON Too bad you cant talk to them. :( But I think I heard there IS gonna be a multi-player online version! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!! Once again I STRONGLY recommend you download this! It hardly takes up any memory, hours of fun gameplay, and if your computers NOT a total piece of junk it'll download in just SECONDS!! Once again, DOWNLOAD THIS!!! Happy sticking!

  • Zack

    This game is a great shooter, i would reccomend this game to any Call Of Duty fan, or Halo fan. This game has no story line, your just there using your M4, or your shotgun shooting people. You can chose FFA (Free for all), which means you shoot everyone, or you can chose teams. Red Vs. Blue, and you can pick how many players are there! Before doing this, go to options and chose your screen name. This game is very fun, and some what funny because if you shoot some one and they die they fall apart! This game i would highly reccomend. Its not that much space, and only takes 1-3 minutes time to download, so try it, you'll love it!


  • DJ Black Ice

    This was probably the shortest download I have ever had, but - wow! This thing has the gameplay to rival that of Halo and other games like it. You'll end up playing for ages. The graphics on this game are unique, to say the least, but with it, the designers had a huge stroke of genius. In this game, you can literally be decapitated and magically have your head pop back on. I do have to admit that the simple graphics add a lot to the game. The only negative comment I have is a minor flaw in the A.I. For some reason, the stickmen will jump off a cliff for no apparent reason on one or two particular maps. Other than that this game is perfect.

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