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Super Mario Ice Tower Download

  • Developer: Super Mario Ice Tower
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Icy Tower, Platformer, Super Mario
Super Mario Ice Tower

A deceptively challenging platform game with our favorite plumber and company.

Take Mario or his brother, Luigi, or some other available character into a slippery tower and climb it by making jumps and bouncing of walls to get to the top floors and the tops scores.

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  • EvilGamer's picture

    Super Mario invades the Ice Tower and he brings his brother (along with some of his enemies) for the ride.

    The game let's you play as either Mario, Luigi, a Goomba, or a Koopa Troopa in a slippery tower that you have to climb using running jumps and making use of bouncing of walls to get maximum height covering as much floors as you can per jump. The game scores you on how many floors you clear per jump. There is a variant "Coin Rush" gameplay mode that let's you collect coins at a point each while making the jumps up the tower. You try to get a high score and you have the option to submit your score in a leaderboard at the end of your attempt. In case you think scoring 5-digits is impressive, the number one ranked player in the boards as I wrote this scored 1,795,952,836.

    The gameplay is very easy. You get instructions as you begin the game, you press the arrow keys to move and run and you press "z" to jump. You can bounce off the walls if you hit it hard enough, and land at a higher floor. Do not be deceived, this is a game that will take time to master. The floors are slippery as ice and too much momentum will set you falling off into oblivion. The graphics are okay and the sounds are straight from popular Mario games. The only problem I had with the audio is the background track, which is some sort of loud techno beat. It may work for some folks, but with its passable quality I'd rather tone it down a little. The controls are fine, except I did strain my hands a bit after a while, which is why I don't think I'll be on the leaderboards anytime soon.

    This is a surprisingly fun game, especially if you have an audience or when you have players taking turns. Laughs will be had as you try to elevate a somersaulting Mario (or Luigi, whoever floats your boat) to new heights only, maybe, to have him miss a floor by a hair. Then let the other person have a go while enjoying his efforts to bounce off walls to cover more floors.

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