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Super Othello Download

  • Developer: dpi productions
  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Super Othello

A very nice remake of the board game

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  • Trip

    The best thing about SuperOthello is that it runs fast, no lag when moving pieces around and it starts up speedy for a quick game. The graphics could be more polished but they do the job. Online/LAN play works 99% of the time, game got stuck a couple times during online play. The AI player is OK but would be better with more levels of play. Overall a good game!

  • Zero

    Super Othello is a very good remake of the classic board game Othello. This version can be played against the computer or against another person.

    It also supports network playing over LAN as well as the internet which can be very fun. Once benefit is that it takes up very little bandwidth when playing online.

  • Kurniawan

    This is super easy Othello with a not-pretty-cool board. The good part is that it can play on-line.

  • Anonymous

    Super Othello si pretty easy! It is a bit more difficult than Othello, but not much.

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