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Titans Of Steel Download

  • Developer: vicious byte
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Titans Of Steel

An excellent turn-based tactical war game

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  • Lore

    Great game where you can create a team of up to 8 members and own 16 titans. You can either buy from over 260+ Titans all ready made for you, which have different ratings of Recon, Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault or you can make your own Titan! With many different customizable parts (trust me, there are lots).

    You can then play on a battlefield map (small, medium, Large) with customizable, random map settings (so no 2 games are the same!). You can have up to 4 teams in 1 game.

    If you are playing against the AI or yourself and are getting bored, there’s also a Network feature so you can play with others!

    Just remember to train your team before you play online.

    Great game with hours of enjoyment and fun, give it a go!

  • Einstein

    Titans of Steel is one of the best freeware games! It is a brilliant turn-based tactical war game. Effectively it is a remake of the game Mechforce.

    The game is made up of three modules: tactical battle interface, character and mech development where you can create your own pilots and mechs. There are other additions which you can download from the maker’s site.

    Sound, graphics and gameplay are excellent. The latest version of the game includes a map editor. Developers are always listening to your comments and criticisms, so the game is always improving, but they can’t please everyone! I highly recommend this game.

  • BiG BoB

    Titans of Steel is a brilliant game. Not only do you have near-total customization of your mech's, you hire a crew for these monsters! A 'MUST-PLAY' For RP'ers and RTS Fans!

  • Gary

    Dude, what a rip. This is a sad rip-off of battletech.

    I gave this game a 60 because they at least deserve credit for the effort they put into ripping Battletech off.

  • Erasor

    This is an excellent turn-based strategy game featuring Gigantic Robots. Pilots aka jocks come with a full roleplaying system.

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