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Vantage Master Online Download

  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Vantage Master Online

This is another game in the Vantage Masters series

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  • Acidic's picture

    This is another game in the Vantage Masters series. You play the game as a master, a master is the term given to the spirit summoners. You start Vantage Masters by setting up your master, you do this by answering a number of questions which decide his or her attack, magic and other abilities.

    You then wander around an island attacking other masters in order to gain experience and the ability to summon more creatures. The battles are done in a very similar manner to RPGs such as tactics ogre (in an isometric view instead of side on). The fun in the game comes in the summonings, in order to win a fight you have to summon spirits and send them to attack the other master's spirits. In the beginning of the game you are only able to summon a small number of spirits but soon this number, and your power, builds.

    Now for my thoughts on Vantage Masters online: The graphics are great in most parts except for the landscapes which you spend most of your time battling on; they are actually a pain to look at. The sound is good, but not amazing, very similar to the old RPGs. The game does shine in the game play department and for this reason I recommend you download Vantage Masters Online.

  • Gmack

    This is a great turn-based strategy game. The player takes the role of a master who can summon elemental monsters of fire, water, earth or air. The monsters all have unique abilities and weaknesses. There are a number of strategies possible and the AI is challenging enough to make the game replayable.

    There is not much I can say against this game, except that there could be more English instructions for the game.

  • Ryouma

    VS CPU is only a training mode. After you played Vantage Master with your friends, you will find VM is a very exciting game.

  • Elliott Kimberly

    I think that Vantage Master Online in great game and that anyone out there that is wanting action it\'s this!

  • Jesrael

    I like this because... I don't know why I like it, but when I play it, it is very interesting.

  • Indigo

    A very nice game concept, but it's not very fun playing against the computer.

  • Turbo

    A nice game! But it becomes boring after a while though. Download it!

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