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Wyrm Download

  • Developer: digipen
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Wyrm allows you to hop on a dragon and explore the world of dragon flight simulation

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  • D1

    The Good...

    It is just so good. Graphics, sounds, everything. We even played multiplayer over lan and it feels so good since the fog you can play "hide and seek."

    Then the bad...

    The only thing that I dont like is the enemy red dragons don't have a Health bar and when they die, they just fall and dont disappear. It's very confusing, you have to intimidate them to move before you know you killed them. Another one is that there is only one level or world. The level does not change.

    I wish...

    I just wish you have, for example, a pursuit where you kill an escaping dragon or you will escape from your pursuer. Another one is the Area Defend where you defend a structure (Like a nest) and hold it as long as you can. Then another one is the dragon types. There is also the "Forest Dragon" which looks like in the chinese, they are long and slender. Not to be left out is some music tracks.


    Even though with glitches, Wyrm sems to be great in multiplayer. Even the massive size on downloading, a great multiplayer game outweighs the size when you really touch the dragon's heart.

  • Rekall

    Wyrm allows you to hop on a dragon and explore the exciting world of dragon flight simulation.

    The dragons and the other flying creatures you'll encounter all display very good artificial intelligence. The physics of the game are all realistic and Wyrm makes for a fun bit of gaming.

    It was developed over seven semesters by Senior Students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology. Visit the Homepage to find the installation manual.

    Note: The game works best on Windows NT and is not guaranteed to work on other operating systems.

  • Wasabi-man

    It's pretty good.

  • Borna

    It is excellent.

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