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YS Flight Sim 2000 Download

  • Genre: Simulation
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Flying
YS Flight Sim 2000

Just like the expensive commercial flight sims, only this one's free.

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  • Skipper

    This is an excellent game. This has realistic controls, this can be judged by the amount of different buttons used through out the game, the more buttons, usually the more realistic. The only slight problem with the program is that it uses polygon colouring instead of more realistic texturing, meaning that creating planes with different paint jobs is all the more hard, and making the ground a green shade, instead of the many different colours it actually is. However, the game has an excellent multiplayer feature that enables you to set up servers, network play, internet play, etc. which is excellent stress relief. Go on, shoot someone out of the sky, go off again... and setting up your own servers is fun if you are trying to create aerial acrobatics teams and other team based play. Excellent all round really.

  • Anonymous

    Some people complain that the graphics are bad. I will not deny that. But do good graphics make the game? Absolutely not. I've been flying this longer than I can remember, and the installation of addons allows it to change and expand to a point where it has decent graphics. I find the system to be very visually clean.

    It can run on a huge variety of different operating systems and computer levels, and is continually being expanded.

    Also, to the nay-sayers, keep in mind that this is one man working by himself on his spare time, where competing sims are made by full-time companies.

    To the previous [anonymous]: did you Google it? Did you actually look for help before spouting here?

    Try this:

  • Acidic's picture

    Whether you like YS flight sim 2000 really depends on what you look for in a game. If you are after hard and fast and really pretty games then you are in for disappointment. If however you are more in to ultra realistic sims then this one is for you. YS flight sim has ultra realistic controls, physics and general feel. The maker puts it well 'YS Flight Sim is for Airplane Fans, Virtual Pilots and 3D Graphics Programmers'

    It has almost every flying thing from Boeings to fighter jets. There are also a large number of individual missions you can attempt to complete.

    YS Flight sim is a great game and has received an Online Software Award 2001.

  • Abhishek deshpande

    It cannot get better than this.

    I can go on and write an essay on the game. Undoubtedly one of the best flight sims released. I loved the controls. I tweaked the flanker a bit and could execute the cobra like never before.

    The variety of planes and missions along with the carrier set it a class apart. Though the maker appears to biased while attributing the US made planes.

  • Tedomedo

    It's a good game. However, there are some things that could make this game even better.

    First, graphics are not the best (but you can expect it in 6 MB size). Then, flying is very complicated, could add come guide how to fly and perhaps some flying lessons.

    I must repeat, this game is good, so download it!

  • Someone

    There is a kindof upgrade you can get called "YS Flight Realism" that comes with more realistic physics, 250 planes (including the Wrights', the X1, the Red Baron's Fokker, some paragliders and trikes, f16s f15s f14s, migs Sukois, Tupolevs, helicopters and others) and better graphics. Worth looking for it.

  • Michael

    Awesome game! You can fly over 30 airplanes and even more with Addon packs. From Flankers, to Raptors. 747 to B-52. WW2 Fighters and much more. YSFLIGHT is the game you want if you want to fly a realistic simulator but not hog up all your computer's memory.

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