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100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows Download

  • Developer: DreamQuest
  • Genre: Board
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Chess, Free
100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows

This is a completely free chess game in which you can create a profile and play against virtual avatars.

Using the available hints and training program, this chess game allows a player to track his or her progress. With an easy interface, a chess player at any level, beginner to expert, can develop personal chess strategies as they track multiple games.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows has a virtual interface that is easy to understand and very self-explanatory. Even a gamer who has never set eyes on a chess board should be able to pick the game up in no time. Once you download the game, you can sign on as a guest to begin playing, or personalize your profile with a modified avatar, name and even self description. Upon beginning a game, two helpful buttons should be noticed to the right of the screen, near your avatar: “Hint” and “Undo”.

    Now, you won’t find these two options in a normal game of chess, against a real person. But clicking the “Hint” button will prompt a guide to pop up and recommend a move. The “Undo” button, as it speaks for itself, gives you the unusual option of taking back a turn. Made a dumb move and lost your queen? No sweat! Just hit “Undo” and try again. For those who have never played chess, or those who forget what each piece does, this particular version of chess has a great tactic for displaying this information: just click the piece you’re thinking about moving and a virtual track will show up for where that piece can go on the board. It won’t show you impossible moves, or even moves that will lead to check and checkmate.

    The best part about this rather simple chess download is the tracker system. It allows you to view your wins and losses in an easy fashion. However, most of the cool options, like looking at patterns of your moves and statistics concerning the hints and strategies that you’ve used, are only available in the “Pro” version, which is a paid download that the game continually tries to link you to.

    The graphics in this game are nothing to brag about and I wouldn’t recommend this chess download to the experienced player. It seems to be more for building simple chess strategies and learning the basics of the game. Have an hour or so that you need to kill? This game is perfect for it, even if the interface is a little dull and the advanced options are limited.

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