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HangARoo Download

  • Developer: NCBuy
  • Genre: Board, Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Free, Hangaroo, Hangman, Word

HangARoo is a fun take on the classic "Hangman". Try to save a wise-cracking kangaroo from being hanged while trying to find the answer to the puzzle before you by guessing letters. Four wrong guesses equals a dead kangaroo, but guess the right letters and uncover the answer to advance to the next puzzle.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    If you love kangaroos and can’t even stand for cartoon ones to be harmed, then…well, go download a different game. But if you love the classic “Hangman” and don’t mind occasionally sending a kangaroo soul to Heaven, try HangARoo. It’s much more fun than the old board game, or playing on a sheet of notebook paper with a classmate.

    You’re given a clue and able to select letters to fill the answer, almost as in Wheel of Fortune. You get four strikes against you before the wise-cracking kangaroo to your left is hanged. If you fail, he’ll drop through the floor and rise again as an angered spirit, drifting off to kangaroo heaven.

    But if you win, you receive a tiny little fact about the answer and then you move on to the next puzzle. I must admit, a few times I lost on purpose. That kangaroo can get annoying, calling you “stupid”, or a “freak” if you guess a wrong letter. So, sometimes it’s satisfying to send him to his fate. Dark? Maybe. Fun? You betcha.

    This basic flash game is easy to get hooked on, especially if you love word games and puzzles. The only downsides are the weird advertisements that get downloaded along with it. I chose for HangARoo to appear as a desktop icon and along with it, I got “Free Credit Card Reviews” and a few other ads. But they’re easy to delete and there are no pop-ups while you’re playing.

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