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  • Developer: Jordi Mas
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Tags: Brain, Brain Teasers, Free, Puzzles

Gbrainy is a collection of puzzles and questions in the areas of Logic, Memory, Verbal and Calculation. Take tests, track your progress and switch between difficulty levels in this simple-looking brainteaser game.

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  • Bellasana's picture

    Gbrainy is a rather sad version of now-popular Nintendo DS titles like “Brain Age” and “Big Brain Academy”. If you suck most of what makes those games fun and addicting, you’d have Gbrainy.

    With a very simple interface, this mix of what seems like recycled SAT questions makes you feel like you’re doing homework rather than playing a game. You can choose to do puzzles in Logic, Memory, Calculation (arithmetic) or Verbal, or you can select to receive questions in all categories. You are timed as you enter an answer per each question and then scored at the end, using a bar graph, as to how many questions you answered correctly.

    Each question has its own page, so there is no skipping around on the “test”. I also found a lack of direction and/or instructions. The game starts up, you choose your category and then you begin. I spent the most time in the “Memory” category, usually my strongest suit, and even on Medium some of the questions seemed nearly impossible. Though you can choose your difficulty level, the questions seemed to get harder as you made it toward the end of the test.

    There is no music. No pretty pictures. No cute, cartoon guide to take you through the process. It’s not that I don’t enjoy putting a little brain work into my activities, but, in my opinion, games should at the very least be enjoyable.

    If you just want to test your smarts, or impress your friends, download Gbrainy. If you want to download something more worthwhile and fun, I wouldn’t blame you.

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