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100% Free Euchre Card Game for Windows Download

  • Developer: DreamQuest
  • Genre: Card
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Tags: Card Games, Euchre, Free
100% Free Euchre Card Game for Windows

100% Free Euchre allows gamers with and without Euchre experience to play the game in a lively, fun atmosphere against CPU opponents.

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    Have you ever wanted to play Euchre, but had trouble wrangling up three friends? This 100% Free Euchre Game for Windows may soon replace those three friends you had in mind, once you download it; I, personally, couldn’t stop playing. This free game has personality and a fun interface that even walks those that don’t know how to play through the steps of Euchre.

    You begin by choosing an avatar and creating a name. In the free version, you can’t play against real people, but you are given a CPU partner. You and your partner face off against two more CPU players. As you play through your hand, there is text that tells you what to do; but once you get the hang of the pace of the game, and all the buttons, you’ll hardly notice the help. The sounds correspond with how you’re playing (a low horn if you lose a trick, a high bell if you win).

    On the left side of your hand is a “Hint” button which you can hit if you get stuck. There is also a “Help” tab that explains the game in more detail, for those new to it. This download is more entertaining than most online card games; the avatars and character noises offer a more lively, friendly experience. It’s easy to get sucked in and feel as if you’re dealing to real people.

    If you just can’t enough, or if you have friends interested, you can download a paid version from the menu screen. This allows you to play with up to three friends, or three strangers. But I assure you, it may take a while with this free version to get bored enough to want to dish out the cash.

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