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  • Developer: RankAttack
  • Genre: Card
  • Works On: Windows, Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Card Games, Free, Uno
Get Uno

The classic card game that usually requires two or more players comes to the single player via free download. Track your moves and build strategies in this version of Uno.

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    Like Uno but don’t have three friends readily available to play, or the tangible card game in your game closet? Get Uno is a fun, free, downloadable version of the game that a single player can enjoy. Although this classic card game is usually a game of luck, this version allows you to track your moves in order to build strategies against three computer players.

    That’s what I like best about this game. To the right, the computer keeps track of everyone’s moves, highlighting your own. It’s a good thing, as the game play is very fast-paced. I’m not sure why the computer plays so quickly, but it does make it a little hard to follow. I believe that’s why the developers included the play tracker.

    Get Uno is a fair game and it’s not impossible to win, though just playing any card of the same color may not be that great of a tactic. It does require some thinking on your part and isn’t as mind-numbing as some free card games out there.

    The only negative I can give this game is the scrolling advertisements to the very right of the game screen. Every now and then, a pop-up would overtake my screen and the game play would freeze. But it is a free game, and such advertising normally ensues.

    Note: The game requirements say that this game will not work on Windows 7. But I downloaded and played it on Windows 7 with no problems.

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