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3D UltraPong Download

  • Developer: dpi productions
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
3D UltraPong


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  • Einstein

    3D UltraPong is a fantastic classic pong game.

    3D UltraPong gives you the option of customization. You can choose your speed, ball colour, table textures and points.

    The 3D graphics are amazing for a freeware game. It comes pretty close to the commercial games. The user interface is simple and easy to learn, unlike many other freeware games. Sound effects are very good. There are 12 different sound tracks to choose from.

    A rare and incredible freeware game. A definite must even if you generally do not like arcade games. You could find yourself hooked on this one.

  • Zeke

    This game has a flaw that if the ball is near the corner and you hit it, it, probably about 1/4 the time, will hit the block and vibrate there for a while with the sound of the ball hitting reapeated at a very rapid rate then bounce back off your block and back behind you and the computer scores. The music is nice though.

  • ZaPpEd

    It is a good game but, there isn't much variety in the gameplay. It also has a minor glich.

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