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Akuji The Demon Download

  • Developer: e. hashimoto
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Akuji The Demon

A short, action packed platformer

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  • Clockwork Beast

    My first impression of Akuji the Demon was of a poorly-designed platformer with Cave Story-esque visuals and stub-toed controls. But as I forced myself to overcome the initial urge to hit 'esc', and the obnoxious lack of legible text, I found that the little pink demon had a bit more in store for me than I had first been led to believe.

    The graphics hearken back to the good ol' days, when they had to be engaging without blasting your eyeballs through your head with ridiculous amounts of bloom, particle effects, and 3D. Akuji is a cute character who seems to have no prior motive for taking his colorful trip into the underground world. And, later on, his little feet get to prance across the surface as well. There's nothing in the graphics department that we all haven't seen hundreds of times, but the tile set looks good, and the sprites for Akuji and the enemies are pretty unique, so there isn't much to complain about here.

    Rather, you should direct complaints to the obnoxious jump timing. More than once, the jump will glitch, causing you to fall from your hard-attained height just as you are reaching one of the little orange powerups. However, the game has so many save points, even on hard, that you can regain your place within a minute, or less. The game is far too forgiving. If you are the kind of person who likes blisteringly cruel difficulty, you would be better served playing something other than this.

    Overall, Akuji the Demon is pretty much standard platform fare, with some cool upgrades and fun exploration elements that should appeal to somebody who just wants to take a trip in reverse through the last twenty years of gaming, or somebody looking for a good game to whittle away their free time.

  • Rekall

    Akuji the Demon is an action packed platformer that has clearly been influenced by games like Castlevania.

    The game is aimed at a younger audience and hardened gamers might find this game a bit of a pushover.

    The game about an hour to complete with the difficulty set to hard.

    The gameplay is fun and the only real problem is that it was way too easy to finish.

    But if you need something to do while you boil an egg, then come and get it.

  • Anonymous

    Akuji the demon is a strategy/action and a bit of fight game. Like mario, or other tipes of games of platform, Akuji the demon is an intesresting game. At all, it's 2D, and this make it be light, without so many memory circustances.

  • Bbb

    This is a good creative game and I like the aspect of that evil should win! Some parts are just annoying but others make you think. I rate this game and recommend it as a download!

  • Markus

    This very good game! One of the best!

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