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Alex The Allegator 4 Download

  • Developer: free lunch design
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Alex The Allegator 4

Old style Game Boy type game

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  • Acidic's picture

    When I am looking for freeware games to add to acid-play one of my regular stops is the home page of Freelunch design. They have constructed some of the most addictive freeware games such as Icy Tower and all the other games in the Alex The Alligator series.

    Well enough about Free Lunch Design. Now you get to hear what Alex is up to in this, the fourth instalment of the series. His girlfriend has been kidnapped and it is your mission to save her... sounds like fun. Alex The Alligator 4 has actually taken a couple of steps back from the other games in the series as far as graphics are concerned. There are only four colors, this is to reproduce the feeling of the old Game Boy games.

    It’s not the graphics that make this game good though. Gameplay is what this ones about. As the creator said “It’s only a short platform game with a few tricks up its sleeve. We're sure you'll like it”


    This game is cute and fun. The sound effects are funny and it's very creative. The layout's pretty simple but it's still fun.

    The only problems I had was the green toned theme, hard to see some pickups and enemies there. Also, when you walk over the spirally things, its hard to stop. The controls are a little floaty.

    Sometimes the background slides when Alex stops moving. But it's more than a decent game.

  • Alister Betts-Sanders

    Alex 4 has to be one of the best platform games I have ever played.

    It sucks you in and doesnt let go until you finish it. The middle and end boss are both imaginative and challenging to beat, but just easy enough not to stress you out.



    Alex The Allegator 4 is the best PC game ever. Level 6 is my favourite level because it is an entertaining level and I like bosses and that is it for now. Ciao.

  • Kira i'anson

    I love the game I have it at home and I have finished it a couple of times.

  • Person

    Me and my class thought the game was fun but needed color.

  • Gamer1

    A good game but the lack of color can become annoying.

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