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Alien Decimation Download

  • Developer: Spam
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Alien Decimation

A game which promises and way more than delivers on the “alien decimation” front.

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  • Gohst

    You know those games which promise alien killing, but there’s hardly any aliens to be seen? Then the game kinda feels like a let down? Or those games with a really cool sounding title, but the actual game is boring? Well, not this one. Alien Decimation is exactly that – hundreds of aliens, swarming, trying to kill you.

    You hop aboard your tiny, underpowered little Space Invaders-style buggy and attempt to knock out the alien ships hovering overhead. First, they are relatively harmless. Soon enough they are massed in choreographed ballets with you, the reluctant star, tap-dancing through the hailstorm of bullets with the entire fate of the world resting on your performance.

    But apart from that nonsense, the game is actually pretty intense. The enemies are never more threatening than the bullets they drop without regard to where you actually are, but when they build up, their random drop payloads of fear bring a life or death struggle to your door.

    But seriously, there are configurations to be had, several interesting bullet types (some of which are extremely impressive) and a good enough number of levels, even if the narrative thread wears thin quickly. It’s fun, it’s got a whole lot of aliens to blow up and it’s a pretty small download. What else do you want?

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