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Alley Cat Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Alley Cat

Adventures of a cat

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  • Edgecrusher

    The people that view this game and shrug it off because of graphics are really missing out on a gem. People have to remember that this was released in 1984 and is older then the Playstation generation that only cares for graphics.

    On to the review - I will be slightly biased on this as it was the first game I ever played so I love it right off the bat. The aim of the game is just like all games of that time - get a high score. This is what many games miss out on nowadays by worrying too much about presentation and not enough about game play. The game is played by using the arrow keys in standard fashion.

    up = jump
    left/right = left/right
    down = release yourself from clothesline

    The makers of the game must have had some crazy ideas while making the game in the sense that some rooms don't really make much sense - dancing cats anyone?

    Being the first game I ever played as a youngster, I'm bound to love it and I'd recommend it to anyone, at a 32k download there's no harm in trying it out.

  • Zero

    It’s hard to really say what Alley Cat is about. You are a cat who starts off on the street and must jump from washing line to washing line trying to catch mice.

    There are windows to jump in which have different things going on inside. There are bird’s cages to open, fish to eat, female cats to try your luck with etc.

    Alley cat is a really old dos game with old dos graphics and annoying pc speaker sounds. But it’s still worth playing for a few minutes.

  • RadicalEd

    OK, pong was first. But on the Personal PCs this was the first one. A real classic,I remember playing this one 14 years ago and still it's fun to play.

  • Malachi

    I really don't like this game's graphics. The only good thing about this game is it's memory size.

  • SaniOKh

    I played Alley Cat when I was 5 yers old, and I tell you, it's a good game.

  • Anonymous

    Brings back childhood memories! Thanks for posting.

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