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Angry Drunken Dwarves Download

  • Developer: Joe Wreschnig
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Angry Drunken Dwarves

A puzzle game which surprisingly has little to do with anger or drinking...

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  • Gohst

    Well, it just wouldn’t be dwarven if it wasn’t angry and drunk. So grog yourself up, grow a hearty beard and settle into this… what is this? Some sort of Tetris remake? Which rewards planning, strategy and good reflexes? This isn’t what I think of when I think “Angry Drunken Dwarves”.

    Nevertheless, the game does feature some sharp elements. The screen is split in to three sections – the left side, the right side and the big wasted space in the middle. Its your job to control the diamonds on your side of the screen (left side in arcade mode) into organized clumps so that when an orb falls from the ceiling, you can clear sections.

    It basically works like this – collect big groups of the same colour, red for example. When a red circle drops, touch it to the red group and be rewarded with points. Clearing stones also clogs your opponents screen, allowing you to speed onto victory, hopefully. An actual diamond-shaped piece will clear the whole screen of whatever colour its dropped upon.

    The depth doesn’t stop with simple colour matching, it continues with move specific blocks - which can’t be removed within a certain number of turns – as the game progresses. Most of the nuances are easier understood than explained and despite a seriously misleading title, the game offers some solid puzzling entertainment.

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